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Looking Good and Feeling Good Are Both Important
Billy Crystal, in his character of Fernando, was famous for the Saturday Night Live line, “It’s more important to look good than it is to feel good.” While he was clearly making a joke, our appearances clearly have an effect on our overall health, as the way we look determines how people treat us, ultimately influencing our personality development, confidence and feelings of self-worth. People who have rosacea symptoms, especially advanced symptoms, can feel small and insignificant when comparing themselves to people with perfect skin.

An increasingly common skin condition, it is estimated that rosacea affects some 14 million Americans, with one-third of the U.S. population now at the most susceptible age of between 30 and 60 years old. However, rosacea may also strike people in their 20’s or even younger. Many people with the condition don’t even know that they have rosacea symptoms, much less that there is an effective rosacea treatment.

Rosacea manifests itself with everything from mild redness of the area between the nose and cheeks, to a bulbous nose that is red, swollen and painful to touch (also known as rhinophyma) and may be covered with or surrounded by white-headed pustules. But no matter what stage of rosacea development a person may be experiencing, an FDA-approved rosacea treatment that is proven to work, MetroGel, can be ordered through online pharmacy

MetroGel Is Effective in Controlling Rosacea
MetroGel is a topical medication that, when applied according to directions, can help alleviate the symptoms of rosacea. Over time, depending on the severity of the condition, MetroGel can restore a person’s skin to much of the youthful, glowing appearance it once had. MetroGel can make a difference in a matter of days, depending on how advanced the condition is. However, it may take three weeks for an improvement to be seen.

Rosacea is nothing to be ashamed of. It strikes rich and poor, famous and anonymous alike. President Bill Clinton has rosacea, as did the late Princess Diana. W.C. Fields, famous for his infected-looking bulbous nose, managed to capitalize on the fact that he, too, had rosacea. In those days, of course, MetroGel didn’t exist. But today, anyone who doesn’t want to live with rosacea doesn’t have to, as MetroGel can be easily ordered over the Internet from online pharmacy

Other Ways to Control Your Rosacea
In addition to using MetroGel, you can help control your rosacea in other ways by avoiding things that might increase the core temperature of your body and face. In other words:

• Limit your exposure to potentially harmful weather elements, including sun, cold and wind.
• Limit your intake of hot (temperature) or spicy food, hot drinks, and alcohol.
• Exercise is good for you, but try to exercise in cool surroundings and avoid dehydration.
• Ladies, be discerning with cosmetics, avoiding greasy, drying, or perfumed products.
• Long-term smokers have a decidedly different look about their skin, so it makes sense not to smoke, whether smoking is proven to have anything to do with rosacea or not.

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