Acne Causes, Effects and Treatment

Acne has been a problem since before we can remember. It has been an issue of embarrassment and hassle for many individuals. There is no reason that someone should continue to suffer from this bothersome condition when there are ways to successfully treat acne and prevent it from re-occurring.

Acne Prevention: There’s Really No Such Thing
While all kinds of things (chocolate, dirt, stress) get blamed for it, acne is caused by clogged pores, and there’s not much of anything you can do about it. Acne is a naturally occurring condition that affects everyone differently, and there’s no such thing as acne prevention. But while you can’t stop acne from happening, there are some steps you can take to hopefully keep it from getting worse.

  • Gently wash your skin every day. Don’t scrub too hard or wash too often; this can actually make acne worse.
  • Avoid heavy sweating if you think it exacerbates your acne. Wash your face – again, gently – soon after activities that make you sweat.
  • If you have oily hair, wash it often, and try to keep hair off of your face.
  • Don’t use hair care products such as gels, mousses and pomades that may contain a lot of oil.
  • It’s hard to do, but try to avoid touching your face.
  • If you wear sports equipment or some kind of bicycle helmet, wear soft, cotton clothing or moleskin under it. Equipment parts such as chin straps can rub your skin and make your acne worse.
  • It’s easy to say, but don’t pop or squeeze or pick at your pimples, no matter how much you want to do something about those whiteheads. This only makes your face look worse.

Acne Remedies
Methods of treating acne have come a long way since the Middle Ages, when people suffering from this often-dreaded skin condition sought relief by standing under a full moon. Today we know such things don’t work, but acne is still a part of life that affects tens of millions of people in America. The group who is hit the hardest is primarily teenagers. But anyone, of any age, race or social standing can have acne, whether it is a mild, almost unnoticeable case, or a severe one that appears all over the upper body or worse.

Acne remedies today run the gamut of several options, some much more serious and complicated than others, depending on the severity of the case. Some treatment options can include:

  • Over-the-counter products, such as Clearasil cream or Stri-Dex pads
  • Prescription creams, such as Retin-A
  • Draining of large pimples and cysts by a health professional
  • Cortisone injections into a pimple or lesion
  • Chemical peel to unblock the pores

Most people will go with the first two options. The last three are not the norm and are usually only used in severe cases.

Damage from Acne
Untreated long-term acne, or picking at the pimples and sores, can cause scarring. There are several different ways to “correct” acne scars, such as dermal fillers (injections), skin grafting and laser resurfacing. But, treating the problem before your complexion gets to the point where it needs this type of help is certainly the best idea.

Living with Acne
If you’re simply living with acne and waiting for it to run its course, you could be waiting for quite a while, and wasting a lot of time not socializing and living life to the fullest. A good dermatologist can help steer you in the right direction of a treatment that’s right for you.

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