What are Stimula for Men and Women?

Sometimes we all need a little help physically between the sheets, if not something to enhance our pleasure during lovemaking. The makers of Stimula for Women and Stimula for Men have designed a product that is useful in helping with sexual issues, but can also make a good sensual experience even better.

Stimula is a water-based lubricant designed to enhance the sex lives of both partners, and is specially designed for both men and women. An odorless gel, Stimula goes on with no greasy feel and leaves no stains or mess.

Stimula for Women is specially formulated to enhance sensitivity for intercourse when applied to the clitoris. Upon application, Stimula for Women intensifies pleasure all the way to climax. But Stimula for Women also doubles as an effective lubricant for sexual activity.

Stimula for Men was developed to help men control their ejaculations, allowing them to extend their erections long enough to satisfy their partners. Men who deal with the problem of premature ejaculation have found success by applying Stimula for Men, giving them increased confidence and pleasure.

Both Stimula products can be ordered over the Web through a dependable and secure online pharmacy, which will ship the product discreetly to your home. Try Stimula today!

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