Losing Weight Can Improve Erection Strength for Men with Diabetes

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Eating healthy is good for both of you.

Type 2 diabetes and being overweight seem to go hand in hand for a lot of men. If erection health issues make it a trio, there might actually be something you can do about it.

Diabetes can contribute to different health conditions, not the least of which are nerve and blood vessel damage. By the time this damage surfaces, chances are fairly good that blood sugar has gone uncontrolled for a long time.

WebMD says that by managing blood sugar well, you can actually prevent this damage.

Being overweight exacerbates the problem. So where managing diabetes includes losing weight, you could see a nice uptick in the bedroom.

How Diabetes Affects the Body

In a person without diabetes, insulin, which is created by the pancreas, takes blood sugar into cells within the body, where it’s stored for future use as energy. When type-2 diabetes is present, insulin can’t do its job. Instead, blood sugar stays in the blood stream, creating hyperglycemia.

Hyperglycemia is dangerous because without the energy they need, cells can’t stay healthy or perform the functions they’re supposed to. Nerve and blood vessel damage are two of many complications that can arise from type-2 diabetes.

The majority of people diagnosed are overweight, although genetics, poor diet, and low activity can also be contributing factors. Not all type-2 diabetics are overweight. WebMD explains that those with the highest risk include people who are over 45, have type-2 diabetes in the family, don’t exercise, and have high blood pressure.

The diabetes / erection health connection might seem to be a bit vague, based on this information. So insulin can’t push blood sugar into the cells, and cells become damaged because they aren’t being fed what they need. How does this affect erections?

Consider this: Blood vessel and nerve damage are two of the most common complications resulting from type-2 diabetes. For an erection to happen, you need nerves and blood vessels in good working order. Nerves are what trigger the burst of nitrous oxide into the penis, and blood vessels carry in the blood that makes it firm and erect.

Weight and its Relationship to Erection Health

Being overweight can affect erection health, even in men who aren’t diabetic. This seems to be especially true for men who carry excess weight around the middle.

Ann Harding for CNN Health says when men carry extra weight, the blood supply to the penis might be limited, and testosterone can also drop.

The lining inside blood vessels is called the endothelium. One job that this lining does is release the nitrous oxide necessary for an erection to happen. When the lining is damaged, the nitrous oxide function can be impaired. And although medical experts are still unsure why, being overweight is linked to endothelium damage.

So blood vessel damage can occur when blood sugar isn’t managed, and also when weight isn’t under control. Combined, you can see how the relationship among weight, diabetes, and erection health is strongly connected.

Being overweight can also affect testosterone levels negatively. Although testosterone alone isn’t a dominant cause of erection health issues, it’s a necessary part of achieving the mental and physical state where an erection is the natural course. Where testosterone drops, so can libido, and along with it, your healthy erections.

Too much weight around the middle is also an indicator of heart disease. And you guessed it, heart disease can affect erection health. Atherosclerosis is a condition where calcium and fats in the form of plaque buildup inside blood vessels. It’s a long word that simply means blood vessel blockages.

Blood vessels that supply the penis are just as susceptible to atherosclerosis as any other vessels in the body. When you want a strong, healthy flow of blood, the last thing you need are blockages that limit the supply.

Losing Weight to Gain Healthy Erections

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Lose weight, and your self confidence and erections could get a boost.

An Australian study revealed something interesting about weight, weight loss, and the relationship with erection health, explains Medical News Today.

This was a small study, consisting of only 31 men, but the results were both interesting and promising.

Gary Wittert, MBBch, MD, FRACP, FRCP, of the University of Adelaide in Australia, monitored obese men with type-2 diabetes for a period of 8 weeks. The men were placed on a reduced-calorie, low carb, high-protein diet.

At the end of the 8 weeks, weight loss was measurable, but modest. But even a loss of only 5% resulted in not just a reversal of sexual and urinary health problems, these men experienced a rapid reversal. Following the study for 12 months, the results continued.

This study supports the theory that losing weight, even if it’s just a small amount, can improve sexual health.

Losing weight can also help with the psychological side of erection health difficulties. Erections are essentially cardiovascular in nature. But low self-esteem can hurt the libido, which can only have a negative effect on achieving and maintaining erections. When desire is off, the stimulation that might ordinarily create an erection could have little or no effect.

When self esteem gets a boost, which can happen with weight loss, libido might improve as well.

Strong, healthy erections don’t have to be sacrificed just because you’re a type-2 diabetic, and carrying extra weight isn’t a natural result of the condition, either. For men who are overweight, either a little or a lot, losing even a small percentage can boost health. As the study shows, this includes sexual health.

As a type-2 diabetic, weight management is especially important for avoiding blood vessel and nerve damage, among other conditions. So many facets of good health depend on monitoring and managing blood sugar levels and keeping, or getting, weight under control.  With as little as a 5-10% reduction in body weight, you can boost your confidence, and help shift your sex life into high gear.

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