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Best Sexology Books: The Penis Book


  • “The Penis Book” is one of the best sexology books explaining the details of male anatomy. 
  • The author is a well-known physician, specializing in urology. 
  • The penis is more complex than we think.
  • Follow a five-step plan for maximum penis health to keep your organ in the best condition.
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It’s a man’s best friend with a life of its own: the penis. It’s a source of joy and pleasure when it works, and shame and frustration when it doesn’t. “The Penis Book” by Aaron Spitz, M.D. is one of the best sexology books to learn about male sexual anatomy. And it’s fun to read too!

Why We Love It

Representatives of the medical profession are not known for their poetic skills, but Doctor Spitz is an exception. In style, he’s more of a stand-up comedian than a bard, crafting funny wordplays on the go. In a chapter explaining how semen tastes and why, you’ll find expressions such as “jerkish delight” and “jizzaster.” 

You may or may not enjoy his puns, but you’ve got to give it to the doc – he can make the most awkward subjects entertaining. You’ll be tempted to put his quotes on your Instagram profile.

Is This Book for You?

A whole book about penises? What is there to write about, you may think. Apparently, there’s more to know about men’s genitals than we’d like to believe. Whether you’re a curious penis owner, or a woman who wants to understand her partner better, “The Penis Book” is your go-to resource. 

For The Curious

If you’re the guy (or gal) who likes to know how things work, “The Penis Book” will be a delight. Doctor Spitz is like the fun biology teacher you wish you had in high school. 

He explains the anatomical complexities through easy (and entertaining) metaphors. Once you’ve read his description of the erection mechanism, viewing NASA rocket launches will never be the same again. 

Rocket launch
Erections and rocket launches have more in common than you think

For The Overthinkers

Who doesn’t like to see their lover on cloud number nine after sex? For most guys, being able to perform in bed is a source of pride. And when something doesn’t go as planned, the sense of defeat can be intense. 

There are many distractions that can throw you off course in the bedroom. Dog barking in the other room or a sudden memory of an old sexual failure, and your erection begins to wane. 

Reading “The Penis Book” can give you reassurance that you’re not the only guy with those challenges. Rock hard erections may look simple in porn, but the reality is more complicated. Many elements of the system need to work together to make intercourse happen. Don’t beat yourself up when something goes wrong once in a while. 

What You’ll Learn

From cross section to semen nutrition label – with “The Penis Book” you can geek out on all things penises. But this read will leave you with more than random party trivia. It can make all the difference in your sex life, fertility, and health. Here’s a preview:

You’re Bigger Than You Think

According to Doctor Spitz, most men worry unnecessarily about their penis size. Micro penis is a rare condition, and even those guys can have satisfying sex lives. 

What’s more, you may be downsizing yourself! Since you’re looking at your member at a strange angle, you may have a distorted idea of its true size. And if you’re a little (or more) overweight, body fat may hide the real length of your organ. 

“The truth is that the vast majority of men have a penis that is normal in length, width, and shape, but they just don’t have the context to realize it.”

Staying Healthy Pays Off in Bed

Eat your greens, they say. Quit smoking and get fit, they add. Healthy lifestyle is important. You hear it all the time but let’s face it – changes are hard. 

But, with enough motivation, you can make it happen. And what could be more motivating than the vision of improving your sexual stamina? 

Doctor Spitz explains how keeping fit and healthy can make you a better lover. At the end of the book, you’ll find the author’s five-step plan for maximum penis health. Suddenly, those kale smoothies begin to look tempting.

“The more you understand about all the processes that come into play, the more you will value healthy practices that help you maintain the proper function of these systems to ensure successful moon shot after successful moon shot…”

Happy senior man
Healthy eating habits can keep your penis in good shape until old age

Penis Doctors Exist

When a woman has concerns about genital health, she goes to see a gynecologist. And where do men go? Doctors called urologists specialize in penis checkups. 

Even if everything is working well down there, make an appointment and talk about health prevention. A urologist can, for example, teach you to spot the early signs of cancer in your genital area. 

You Age Down There

As you grow older, your body begins to change. The first gray hairs, the first pair of reading glasses… and an aging penis.Some of your nerve endings in the genitals will disappear with time. The result? Difficulties getting an erection or reaching climax. 

Older age does not mean the end of sex. You just need to get creative and adapt to your body’s needs. Start with getting a vibrator! Sex toys are not only for the ladies. 

Happy couple in bed
Take care of your penis. Your partner will be forever grateful

Erectile Dysfunction May Save Your Life

As strange as it may sound, finding out you have erectile dysfunction may have a positive effect. Doctors say it’s like an early warning system for serious health conditions, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease

The sooner you get diagnosed and treated, the greater the chance of avoiding serious problems, such as a heart attack or stroke. Lifestyle changes matter too, and they can help you get your erections back. 

Plus, you have a backup of ED treatments with Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. Consult with a physician before trying them out. 

Get Help for Your Erection Problems

“The Penis Book” will help you appreciate the penis more. It’s an amazing organ, capable of bringing pleasure. Take good care of it and it will serve you and your partner(s) well for years to come. 

For sexual challenges, such as erectile dysfunction, eDrugstore will help you find the right treatment. Our licensed physicians are there to answer your questions and prescribe medication. Browse our ED treatments and get your sex life back on track. 

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