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Average Cost of Levitra is $38; Click For More

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You owe it to yourself to learn more about Levitra.

Prescription medications can be very costly, and medications for erection health are no different. Some insurance plans do not cover medications such as Levitra; others do, but only for a small supply of 4 or 5 pills per month.

In many cases, where insurance is limited or doesn’t cover it at all, erection health medications can only be purchased at the cash price. But what is the average price, and how do you know if you’re getting the most for your money.

eDrugstore offers Levitra at competitive prices, and you’re guaranteed to get the name-brand you want.

What is Levitra, and How Does it Work?

Levitra is a prescription medication for the treatment of erection difficulties. Many men experience difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection, and it doesn’t only happen later in life.

Sometimes erection health issues happen occasionally, and sometimes they are more chronic in nature. In either situation, Levitra may help. This is often true, even if an underlying health condition is to blame.

Known as a PDE5 inhibitor, Levitra is in a class of drugs that help your body produce an erection the way it naturally would. It doesn’t force an erection to happen, but helps allow it to happen.

Levitra works around what’s causing erection difficulties, and lets an erection happen the way it normally would. However, Levitra is not right for everyone. Men who take nitrates for chest pain, and men with certain other health conditions, should not take Levitra. Your health care provider will ask certain questions to help determine whether Levitra is suitable for you.

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Your health isn’t cheap.

What Does Levitra Cost, on Average?

Levitra comes in different dosages, with 10 mg being the mid-range dose. The average cost of one 10mg Levitra pill is $38. This cost is an average of online and brick and mortar pharmacies across the country.

For a prescription of ten 10 mg Levitra tablets, you could expect to pay approximately $380, with a higher or lower cost depending on where you make your purchase.

You may see Levitra advertised at a much cheaper cost. Some online pharmacies advertise prices that are less than 1/4 the average, but that should be a warning flag.

If this medication costs more than twice as much at reputable pharmacies, then who knows what you’re really getting when you purchase a cut-rate tablet.

Ordering Online Offers You Convenience

Although there are some less-than-scrupulous pharmacies on the Internet, ordering online is still the most convenient, private way to get your prescription. The key is choosing the right online pharmacy.

With a pharmacy such as, you don’t have the embarrassment of talking to a person at the drug store counter about which medication you’ve been prescribed. There’s also no risk of others standing in behind you line to overhear your consultation.

Another benefit is the sheer convenience. When you order online, your medication arrives at your door; you won’t have to stop on the way home from work, or make a special trip to pick it up.

At eDrugstore, each prescription medication is packed and shipped discreetly, so there is no clue about what’s inside. Even if someone else picks up your delivery, there’s no indication of its contents on the outside the package.

What to Expect from Ordering Online

Some online pharmacies promote “no prescription necessary” for ordering Levitra. That should be another warning sign.

Levitra is a prescription medication, which means you must have a prescription before your order can be processed. You can present a prescription from your doctor, or opt to consult with one of eDrugstore’s health care providers instead.

When you order Levitra online through eDrugstore without a prescription from your family doctor, expect to answer several questions. Your eDrugstore health care provider will then determine whether Levitra is suitable for you; if so, you will be issued a prescription for use at eDrugstore.

The benefit of choosing an eDrugstore prescription is there’s no time off from work for a doctor appointment, and no uncomfortable conversation about a delicate subject.

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Online ordering means your privacy is safe.

How to Use Levitra Once Your Order Arrives

Levitra comes in tablet form, in 2.5, 5, 10, and 20 mg doses. The average dose to start is 10 mg, and you should not take more than one tablet per day. Space them at least 24 hours apart. Unlike some other erection health medications, you don’t have to plan Levitra around meals. Take it with, or without, food.

Although Levitra stays active in your body for some times, take your dose at least an hour before sexual activity; it takes approximately 60 minutes to reach effectiveness.

There are some side effects and risks to know about. You’ve no doubt heard the risks of an erection lasting more than 4 hours. This is a condition called priapism, and it can cause permanent damage to the penis. Notify your doctor immediately if this rare, but serious, side-effect happens to you. Loss of vision or hearing are other rare but serious side effects that your doctor should know about right away.

More common, and less serious side-effects include dizziness, upset stomach, indigestion, stuffy or runny nose, headache, or flushing. These side-effects usually wane.

The cost of erection health isn’t necessarily cheap, and you shouldn’t look for the least expensive way to get your prescription. In fact, if you find a price that’s significantly less than the national average, $38 per single 10 mg tablet, you might get what you expect. sells Levitra at competitive, reasonable prices, and it’s been proven effective in treating erection health issues in many men. We offer the privacy and convenience of online ordering, and your discreetly-packed shipment arrives right at your door. If you’re ready to try something that works, see what has to offer.

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