Meet Jonah Falcon, The Man With the World’s Longest Penis



You might expect to find the man with the world’s longest penis in the latest adult film, but that’s not the case for Jonah Falcon, the guy-next-door who’s been bestowed the eponymous claim to fame. Want to learn more about the man with a documented 13.5 inch penis? Read on for some fast facts:

He looks like a young’n – Jonah Falcon is 40 years old, but boasts boyish looks that hide his age well.

He really is THAT big — Jonah’s “best friend” was measured on HBO’s 1999 special, Private Dicks: Men Exposed at a whopping 13.5 inches. For reference, that’s a little longer than the average wine bottle. Wow!

He says NO! to porn – Having sex on a crowded set is not his thing.

But he is a “real” actor – Jonah is a Screen Actors Guild member and has appeared in bit parts in movies like A Beautiful Mind and The Good Shepherd, and on television shows like The Sopranos and Law & Order.

He lives with his mom . . . sometimes – When he’s between gigs, Jonah shacks up with his mother in New York City. When money’s coming in, he lives on his own.

He’s bisexual – He described himself as such in an interview for Out magazine.

He was passed over for a tailor-made television role – When HBO’s Hung (the series about a struggling high school teacher who puts his, ahem, God-given gift to use as a male prostitute) was casting, Jonah thought he’d be a shoo-in. He didn’t get the part.

John Holmes is not his daddy – The rumor that porn star extraordinaire, John Holmes, is Jonah’s father is simply not true. His real father died when Jonah was young.

He’s a music man – Jonah loves Billy Joel and other ’70s and ’80s musicians.

He’s got the moves – His best sex advice for other men with large members? “Use the size and sensation of the mass to your advantage. Change speeds. That’s what ladies like.”

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