Baldness Intelligence Quotient – Part II

Reviewed by:Daniel Williams, MD

This is a continuation of  "What’s your B.I.Q (Baldness Intelligence Quotient). If you received more than 6 correct, you know way to much about Hair Loss and should enter jeopardy right away.  Please visit our other Health Articles for more fun quizzes.

True. The late Frank Smith and his son, Donald, of Florida, actually held U.S. Pat. No. 4022227, issued in May 1977, on the three-way combover.  

False. So far, there’s no proof that wearing a hat will make you bald, but can be a cheap way to cover the top of your head if you are.

False. Even though Letterman says he wears one all the time, CBS denies it.

True. Hair, a form of skin, is made up of a protein called keratin, and can grow everywhere on the body except for the lips, the eyelids, the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet. Each shaft of hair is made of intertwined layers of keratin growing from a follicle beneath the skin.

False. If that were true, many screen idols and rock stars would be bald from all the women playing with their hair.

False. The only thing dandruff has in common with hair loss is that they both happen on the head.

True. Belief that the maternal parent is where baldness originates is a myth that’s been circulating for many years, but really both sides can pass hair loss down to their children.

False. You knucklehead! Any Stooges fan knows that Curly, like brothers Moe and Shemp, actually had a full head of hair, and so when he shaved it for the Stooges’ routine, it fit so well that he kept it that way.

We hope you enjoyed the B.I.Q Quizz

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