Dating On The Go! Interview with Bob Bentz

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Podcast Synopsis:

Bob Bentz the owner of and joined eHealth Radio. They both provide an Internet dating solution to over 350 radio stations and newspapers in the USA and Canada. With 21 years of experience in the dating business that began way back with 900 numbers and now specializing with Internet and mobile dating.

Bob Bentz is the co-founder & also president of Advanced Telecom Services which was founded in 1989, in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Advanced Telecom Services has offices in Chicago, Calgary, London, Dublin, and Prague. It offers interactive and broadcast text message solutions for media and advertising agencies on It also offers white label dating sites and and interactive voice response technology for 800 numbers and 900 numbers. Bob Bentz has over 20 years of experience in the telemedia industry. Prior to Advanced Telecom Services (1989), Bentz worked for six years in the television advertising industry as Regional Sales Manager and Account Executive.

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