Keep Your Beauty Intact Through the Harsh Winter, Trae Bodge

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Podcast Synopsis:

Co-founder of Indie Beauty brand, Three Custom Color Specialists – Trae Bodge joined the show to discuss caring for winter skin.

In addition to being the co-founder of indie color cosmetic brand, Three Custom Color Specialists, Trae has recently embarked on a new career as a beauty & lifestyle journalist for, makeup artist, author and product development consultant. She loves sharing beauty & lifestyle tips, product reco’s, gift ideas and deals with her readers. She loves this new era in her professional life!

Eric Michaels: Why does our skin feel so dry in the winter?
Trae Bodge: The cold air really drys out the skin, as does the heat in our homes, cars and offices.

Eric Michaels: How should you adjust your skin care routine in the dry, winter months?
Trae Bodge: If you are using a cleanser that foams at all, change to a creamy, non foaming cleanser.  You will also need more moisture – if you really like the moisturizers you are using, you can can supplement then with a serum, which will provide moisture and help your moisturizers work more effectively.  Otherwise, you can use richer moisturizers in winter and then switch back to lighter ones in the warmer months.

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