Healthy Skin by a Healthy Lifestyle: Sherrell Dorsey

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Podcast Synopsis:

Sherrell Dorsey joined eHealth Radio to discuss remedies to having healthier skin and one method is by having or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Sherrell Dorsey is a writer and skin therapist in New York City with an unhealthy obsession with makeup, hair and skin care products. A Seattle native that grew up working in her aunt’s hair salon and spa, she is currently surviving the stiletto clamored streets of NYC quenching her thirst of finding the latest and greatest in beauty. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Sherrell earned her bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries and studied skin care at the Aveda Institute New York.

Her experience includes work at various cosmetics companies, fashion lines and boutique fashion pr firms where she has represented several beauty and fashion brands.

Sherrell currently writes beauty, lifestyle and fashion articles for popular blogs and online magazines as well as her blog at

Eric Michaels: What is the secret to getting healthy, beautiful skin?

Sherrell Dorsey: Healthy , beautiful skin starts with a great beauty routine!  Many people have absolutely no idea what they are doing in the bathroom to their skin, or they don’t have a concise routine to help them get the great skin that they can have if they just had the right regiment. Your routine should always include high, quality, products that work for your skin type and skin issues. The first thing you need to do is speak with a professional about your skin and the concerns that you have. For instance, if you suffer from breakouts, clearly you need a routine of products that address those concerns. Visit an esthetician that can analyze your skin and make recommendations based on your unique needs. From there it will be easy to identify the best products for you. Every routine should include a cleanser, toner and moisturizer for basic care. The type of cleansers, toners and moisturizers you will use will depend on whether you have dry, normal, oily, mature or acneic skin.  Once you have learned the proper way to take care of your skin, maintaining beautiful skin will be easy!

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