Health and Fitness with Master Trainer Shaun Zetlin – Personal Trainer Strength Training and Nutrition

1. When and why did you get involved in personal fitness?

My love of fitness began 20 years ago at the age of 13. My father was a large influence. He had been a professional body builder and helped guide me appropriately on strength-training and nutrition.  Inherently, I also became interested in anatomy and fitness because I was born with clubbed feet and had terrible gross motor skills as a child. 

I was determined to beat those obstacles, and when I did, I knew then that I wanted to help others achieve their own fitness goals.

2. What could a client expect from the first session with you?

The first session lasts an hour.  Foremost, I like to get to know the client on a personal basis in regards to their fitness regime.  It’s crucial for me to know their background with exercising and their likes/dislikes with training.  During the first session, I do a variety of assessments on their over-active (tight) muscles and their under active (weak) muscles.  I also check to confirm if there are any postural distortions in the upper and lower body.  Lastly, I work out the client via a multitude of different exercises with strength, balance, core, and endurance training.  This helps me understand their strengths and weaknesses. This first session is always complimentary.  I feel it’s inappropriate to charge a client for my training only once I know exactly what their fitness needs and goals are; then the real work begins!

3. Talk to me about the ideal personal trainer/client relationship.

Personal training is “personal.”  You must care.  If you don’t care about your client, then you need to choose another profession.  A traditional trainer can be as knowledgeable as they come, but if they don’t know how to relate to a client based upon their personality, how their mind processes and translates verbal and visual instruction in relation to their own physical body, then the client’s fitness goals may never be met.  I pride myself on being able to relate to each individual client based upon his or her personality first.  Then, you have to make the client feel comfortable.  It’s inevitable that a personal relationship will grow the longer you work with someone with whom you have a mutual connection.  It’s a complete partnership.

4. Tell me about the nutrition plans that you often create for your clients.

While exercising is obviously critical in reaching fitness goals, eating healthy is just as important.  The notion that working out regularly can justify eating poorly is just unrealistic—it literally negates all of the hard work! Therefore, I create individual meal plans for my clients to maximize total body results.  I am very meticulous with my meal plans when it comes to counting calories, grams, ounces, and when meals are consumed throughout the day.

5. Many times, when we visit the grocery store, we have no idea how to shop healthily. What are your top three tips to general consumers that can help them shop in a more healthy fashion?

  1. Choose items that have no more than 30 calories from fat per serving.
  2. Avoid enriched flours, in general found in pastas, breads, and crackers.  Enriched flour is still white flour, which raises your insulin levels and is highly glycemic.
  3. Do NOT purchase any foods that are hydrogenated.

6. You have quite a few publications to your writing credit. Why is it important to you to write about fitness and nutrition?

I have always loved to write, even as a child.  Writing is just another creative and enriching way for me to reach and educate a wider audience on living a healthier lifestyle.  I honestly love to help others, and if I can help influence someone’s lifestyle for the better with one of my publications, then it was worth me writing it.


About Shaun Zetlin:

As the son of a professional bodybuilder, Shaun was exposed to weightlifting and exercise at a very young age. After overcoming his own personal physical limitations that consisted of being born with club feet and terrible gross motor skills, Shaun made it his mission to share his passion and knowledge to help others strive to meet their fitness goals.

Shaun’s background and qualifications: For the past six years, he has successfully run his own personal training business in the New York Metro area by being able to relate to each client’s specific individual needs and goals. Shaun prides himself on developing exercise plans and nutritional menus for any client’s fitness goals. His clientele range from the athlete, senior citizen, bodybuilder to the housewife. Furthermore, Shaun’s specialties include strength training, power techniques, corrective injury training and core stability training.

In addition to the his highly regarded Master trainer status, some of his National Academy of Sports Medicine certifications include certified personal trainer, Pre and Post Natal, Corrective Exercise Practices and Senior Citizen Training. In addition, he is certified by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) as a Sports Performance Nutrition Specialist. Additionally, Shaun earned his Bachelors degree in English Literature and Writing from the University of Delaware.

Shaun has had his award winning tips and articles published with a variety of magazines and websites in the world of fitness from Weight Watchers, Brides(Conde Nast) and Prevention Magazines/Books.

Shaun is the host of his own radio show called, “The Zetlin Fitness Show” that can be listened to on this website under the media page.

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