Positive Psychology and Coaching with Janet Fagan Life and Business Coach Sedona, Arizona

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Podcast Synopsis:

Certified life, business and career coach Janet Fagan joins the show to discuss Positive Psychology and Coaching.

Janet Fagan, M. Ed, ACC, JCTC is a life and business coach who specializes in the area of career transition, utilizing a values-focused and positive-based approach. With over 15 years experience in academic advising, counseling, assessments, teaching and coaching,  Janet has successfully coached and assisted others in planning their personal development. She has helped people find clarity, focus and achieve their goals.  She received her M. Ed in Education and Psychology from Monmouth University and then became a Certified Life Coach with the International Coach Federation, followed by another certification as a Job and Career Transition Coach.  In addition to traditional based methods, she offers clients “laser coaching”, whereby they come to the appointment with a specific focus issue and achieve targeted results in a shorter period of time.  Coaching sessions can be conducted in-person or by telephone, with service options to meet every budget . Another facet of Ms. Fagan’s practice provides recruitment/hiring strategies for employers who want to hire the ‘right person for the job’. This is accomplished via assessments and personalized consultation services.  Organizations also can benefit from her Team Development programs as well as other workshop offerings.  She is a member of the National Women’s Business Organization (NAWBO), Career Management Alliance, Career Directors International and is on the  Advisory Board for the Sedona Arts Center.  She is also active in a non-profit, Futures for Children.

Janet Fagan discusses & answers the following:

  • What unique perspective do you bring to coaching and offer your clients?
  • Your selected topic today is Positive Psychology and Coaching. Tell me more about it.
  • What exactly is Strength-based coaching?
  • What evidence is there that strength-based coaching and positive psychology work?
  • Do you see other examples of this positive based model in other areas?
  • Special Conclusion Tip…

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