Interview with Positive Living Inc. Founder, Lorraine Mignault

You head up Positive Living Inc. Can you tell us what your mission is and how it helps others and the earth?

The world will be saved by the western woman.” – The Dalai Lama

People in my business and personal life tell me that I am that woman! Positive Living Inc. is the role model for sustainable healthy living. We are a Science of Well-Being™ company providing health, emotional balance and amazing life transformation via scientific innovations such as bestseller book (Die Healthy: Pursuing the Dream of Wellness and Longevity), beauty & health products, wellness expertise to corporations in both licensing and non-licensing capacities – including self-directed clients, especially women 30-55 more.

By using my Proprietary methods and European Bel Canto vocal training, I ignite a client’s success for achieving vibrant health, great vitality, stress elimination, beauty sleep, easy weight management… and truly transform their life. Being told “that you are a blessing in my life” is not only a reward… but it validates my expertise and dedication on a client and earth basis.

We develop high value products and services (example – food & skin care, lifestyle programmes) with a nutrient dense factor. We are always aware of the end-user… and that the product is portable and fits within a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Let’s get back to the basics: Why is living healthfully so important?

Living healthfully is all about maintaining balance for YOU and the planet… and cultivating this inside and outside job on many levels.

It influences your well-being as it relates to your body’s ability in disease intervention and prevention, pain management, stress elimination, to create deep, restful sleep, enhance skin qualities, lose weight with ease,  gain fitness flexibility, balance emotional and mental health… as well as develop harmonious business and personal relationships.

When you make quality, sound food choices, especially according to your clinical data and not trends driven by bandwagon promises, this ritual becomes your gift of opportunity for remarkable, sustainable health successes.

What are some of the primary “afflictions” our society encounters that lead us to living unhealthy lives? How should we go about eliminating these? Can they be prevented?

As a society, we create an unhealthy lifestyle by our non-discerning food choices  that over time, develop into degenerative “afflictions” such as diabetes, Alzheimers disease, arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, insomnia… including depression.

The elimination of the above health conditions is facilitated by knowing and understanding the root cause of diabetes – the key to all other health problems. The correlation between your clinical data and food choices is imperative. Only then can you have prevention!

Here is a glimpse of daily health messages from your body that are often ignored – or masked by over-the-counter supplements, medications and topicals.

For example… not eating foods high in both soluble and insoluble fibres on a daily basis (and having highly processed, refined breads and cereals, pastas, rice and other low fibre grain items) leads to serious mismanagement of insulin and blood sugar levels, poor digestion, lazy bowel function, impaired circulation, aching joints, headaches, forgetfulness, mood swings, fluctuating body temperature, hormonal imbalances, skin/hair/nail issues, accelerated aging and low energy level.

So… it is very important to eat foods such as oat bran, ground flax seeds, wheat bran, legumes (high protein quality lentils, chick peas, beans). In fact, the book referenced in question # 1 will serve as a check-off wellness list for readers.

In essence, as a woman in science I was convinced that I could achieve outstanding health results based on innovation. Today, the remarkable health successes with clients and the sustainable technologies serve as validation.

You have done a lot of research with nutraceuticals and nutricosmetics. Can you explain what these are and what is beneficial about them?

At present, women looking for beauty products to complement their natural lifestyle are increasing the demand for nutricosmetic products.

As a woman-inventor in research and product development, I have always been confident that I could deliver exceptional beauty and health results by having nutrition as the driving force behind dermatology, and serving as the platform supporting scientific innovation.

There is a correlation between nutraceuticals and nutricosmetics. In fact, a nutraceutical can be an ingredient or a finished food or beverage product, providing the basis for the development of a nutricosmetic.

Some ingredients such as red wine, honey, chamomile and aloe vera date back centuries. For example, these food ingredients can become part of the finished product, called nutricosmetics, which are formulated to offer additional benefits to the skin – and to drive the “beauty from within” concept.

Nutricosmetics are taken orally to improve health and beauty. Many products, whether a bar, yogurt, beverage or supplement, claim to enhance skin qualities and prevent signs of aging by supplying micronutrients often absent in diets. With a growing consumer obsession in maintaining a youthful appearance, the market for nutricosmetics (and its nutraceutical ingredients) are driving the beauty market.

If someone wanted to start on the path to healthy living, where should they begin?

A balance of your physical, emotional and mental self is key to a rich and fulfilling life. It is important to do this in tandem with your living space as the latter will also influence your well-being. Furthermore, seek professional health advice for check-ups, lifestyle and clinical assessment… including preventative measures.

Consider how you take care of yourself – and whether you eat healthfully and exercise regularly. Set aside some quiet time to enjoy nature and artistic pursuits.

Your face signals what is happening to you internally. Stay in touch with your body, give it time to rest and rejuvenate, and feed it properly. If you do, it will reward you with good health.

What are your top tips for long-term health and wellness?

The following are tips that will help you make changes in your life for long-term health and wellness.

♦  Food choices should be based on your clinical data. This facilitates effective management of insulin and blood sugar levels – eliminating junk and processed foods containing refined flours, modified fats and sugars but increasing dietary fibre, especially from oat and flax.

♦  Drink at least 8 cups of water daily. Water without added fluoride and chlorine – but with beneficial mineral content, is preferable. In the body, water serves as a carrier for nutrients from food and supplements

♦  You should aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night. One in 3 people suffer from insomnia – a serious health concern especially among women. In fact, women are more than twice as likely to have sleep problems. Studies have shown that women are known to have a lower serotonin level – which is why I have found women have a greater need for foods high in tryptophan such as poultry and natural dairy products – those that have the least processing and with no modified milk ingredients such as Italian Ricotta, soft Mozzarella (Bocconcini) and plain yogurt.

♦  Make your fitness program oxygen focused. Use European Bel Canto breathing techniques to improve skin qualities, eliminate stress… and improve your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, muscle tone of your body and face by having oxygen-filled muscles for peak performance.

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