What it takes to be the leader who inspires others with Jim Parker Master Certified Coach Professional Speaker The Mentor Connection

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Podcast Synopsis:

Jim Parker, a Master Certified Coach, Inspired Learning Facilitator, Professional Speaker and founder of The Mentor Connection, Inc. joins the show.

I have been coaching for most of my life: first as a middle child, followed by being a business owner who coached employees, more formal training began in 1997 when I enrolled in Coach University. To enhance my coaching, I became a CPBA (Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and a CPVA (Certified Professional Values Analyst) in 1998 which gave me access to some of the best personal assessment tools available. I received my MCC (Master Certified Coach) designation in 2006 after logging over 2500 coaching hours.

After being in business for 16 years with moderate success, I realized that I did nothing but work, was divorced with 4 children that didn’t really know me. I decided it was time to find out who I was. My journey of self discovery started with a 5- year sabbatical that took me to Spain, Greece, Italy and India. When it was time to reenter the business world, I was not sure what that would look like. I knew I would be authentic and self-committed to living a transparent life in all that I do. The Mentor Connection was incorporated, and my first business client provided me with the opportunity to develop my business and personal coaching skills while making a difference in his organization. Since that time I have worked with small businesses across the country, coaching them to success as they defined it.

Four steps to transforming ones business and life into the success that people dreamed of:

  1. The importance of how well do we really know ourselves
  2. What it takes to be the leader who inspires others
  3. What is an inspired action plan
  4. How we acknowledge our successes


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