Interview with “The Rules” Expert Celine Sauvet-Devallee – Online Dating Rules for Women – How to Act on 1st Dates

Interview with “The Rules” Expert Celine Sauvet-Devallee – Online Dating Rules for Women – How to Act on 1st Dates. This interview is one in a series of expert interviews on the blog. We add new interviews on a regular basis. Please see our complete list of insightful interviews

1. You are an avid follower of “The Rules” by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider. Can you tell us a little bit about what “The Rules” are and why they are so important?

The Rules is a way of life. It improves one’s self esteem and confidence. It is very positive and healthy way of dating, and, more generally speaking, of considering life.

2. What are a couple of the most important “Rules”?

The first rules in the book The Rules 1 are very important. They are about loving oneself before considering loving someone else and that is very important. Every rule has its own importance and is appropriate to a specific moment in a relationship (ex: “How to act on Dates 1, 2, and 3”, “How to Act on Dates 4 through Commitment Time”).

My favourite rules were “Don’t Talk to a Man First (and don’t Ask Him to Dance) “(Rule 2) , rule 5 (“Don’t Call Him and Rarely Return His Calls”) and rule 13 (“Don’t see Him More Than Once or Twice a Week”).

For further tips, The Rules 2, and The Rules for Online Dating are also very useful.

3. What happens when a person starts living by “The Rules?”  As in, what happens to their life and their relationships?

When you start living by the Rules, you believe in you, in the fact that there is someone for you who will treat you like you deserve. You trust in the abundance of the universe. You don’t cancel plans with your friends, you are happy and busy. You just have to enjoy life and follow The Rules!

4. Why do you think the media has given so much attention to “The Rules”?

I think that The Rules were so popular for a simple reason: they work! Even if they were criticized, laughed at sometimes, results are here! Have you noticed that the persons who are always needy towards us are the one we’re not really attracted to? Then to get the man of our dreams to be interested in us, we have to be honest, but mysterious, and not to give too much too soon. Women have to pace the relationship. They do so by following the Rules, and if things go wrong or if they think they are not with their Mr Right, they don’t dwell on this relationship and it’s “Next!”.Rules girls are optimistic.

5. If you had the chance to sit down with Ellen and Sherrie, what would you ask them?

I have been in contact when training to be a Dating Coach. It was a great opportunity to know The Rules in depth for I could ask the authors all the questions I wanted.

I would be very pleased to meet Ellen and Sherrie for real after I saw them on TV, on video tapes….I was about to see them for a seminar a few years ago but unfortunately at that time I couldn’t go away for a few days because of my job.

If I could see them, I would ask them if they were to write another book, or if they had plans for seminars because I think these books really help.

I am very happy to have answered these questions, and hope that your readers will want to know more about The Rules, and that they will enjoy the benefits of these books in their own lives. I will gladly help them as mentioned on my website.

About Celine Sauvet-Devallee:

My name is Céline Sauvet. I got to know the Rules when I was still single and in need for explanation such as “why am I single”, “what can I do to meet the man of my life and get to marry him”?

A friend of mine had told me about the Rules, so I read the books (The Rules 1 and 2) and told me “we’ll see if it can be of any help”. I saw that The Rules gave me an explanation for relationships in general. Then I wanted to know more about the Rules and decided to train to be a dating coach, and passed very successfully the exams!

I was so grateful for all the Rules were bringing in my life that I created a personal website, with advice and my contact information. I decided to write it in French for there is no other Dating Coach in France. Therefore, I can help people with the Rules in English and in French (please note that I can also help in Spanish, if necessary).

Now, I am 30, happily married to the man I was in love when I created my website, and we are the proud parents of a baby boy born in January of this year!

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