The Down To Earth Doctor: Dr. Tom Potisk

1. You specialize in ‘natural health.’ What does this term mean and why is it such an important philosophy in a person’s well-being?

Dr Albert Schweitzer said that we each have been gifted with a doctor within. Natural health involves recognizing and assisting this natural healing ability. The human body and it’s physiology is so remarkably complex that any attempted alteration, even when done with good intentions, has the likelihood of upsetting it’s natural balance.

2. You help to educate people on how to make wiser healthcare decisions. What are the first steps a person should take when making those decisions? And how does a person know which decisions are right for him or her?

The first step is recognizing that inner doctor, then realizing that in most instances one’s natural healing ability does not need any help, it just needs no interference. Examples of the interference are toxins, stress, inactivity, and nerve system impingement.

One must make the decision that they are personally responsible for minimizing these interferences through their lifestyle choices. Part of that responsibility is learning how to do it properly. This is why I wrote my book Whole Health Healing, to empower people with that knowledge from my experiences as a holistic family doctor for 25 years.

3. You’ve recently put out a report on The 5 Most Dangerous Exercises. What prompted you to write this report and what are you hoping it will achieve?

I observed many patients who injured themselves exercising. Some of the injuries were accumulative; they didn’t realize the damage was occurring for quite awhile. I wrote that report to educate people about the top 5 that should be avoided so they can avoid the injuries. That report and several others is available for free on my website

4. We’re often told that all exercise is good exercise, so it’s a surprise to hear that some exercises should be avoided. In your opinion, which exercises are bad enough to be deemed “dangerous?” What makes them dangerous and to whom are they risky?

A good example is the standard military type sit-up that people do to strengthen their abdomens. The danger lies in the strain the exercise produces upon the spine, both the back and the neck. Minimally it can cause back and neck pain, but the real danger comes from the repetition over years.

It contributes to spinal misalignment leading to disc problems like ruptures and deterioration. There are many safer options to strengthen abdominals like the abdominal track slide exercise I explain in the report mentioned above.

5. What are your top tips for achieving and maintaining overall good health?

Learn more about the holistic approach and that we all have a tremendous natural healing ability. Recognize that you will need to have a team you can trust of both medical and holistic professionals because none of us has all the answers. But accept your responsibility to maintain your health through your lifestyle choices like eating properly, getting adequate rest, drinking lots of water, maintaining good posture and having.structural balance.

The concept is even Biblical, it says in the book of 1st Corinthians 6:19,20 that our bodies are “temples of the Holy Spirit” and that we should “Honor God with our bodies.”  Seeking optimum health is a higher calling for all of us.

About: Dr. Tom Potisk AKA the “Down to Earth doctor” has been a holistic family doctor for 25 years. He is an author, speaker, and blogger on holistic living. He was a winner of the Chiropractor of the Year Award and has certifications in nutrition counseling and wellness. 

He is called the “down-to-earth” doctor because of his family oriented country lifestyle and his simplistic, practical, and easy to implement health advice. He is the author of the new book – “Whole Health Healing: The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages”

His extensive world travels to remote places, sometimes on volunteer medical missions, adds to his unique perspective and his philosophy. His goal with his books and presentations is to improve patient’s lives by empowering them to make wiser healthcare decisions. Dr Potisk’s book is available on his web site

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