Why Younger Men Are Battling ED

Why Younger Men Are Battling ED

Most people think of erectile dysfunction (ED) as a problem that only old men experience.

But ED can affect men at any age, and because of the stereotype, it may feel more difficult for young men to talk about their ED and seek help for it. 

They may think they’re all alone and that because of their age, something must be uniquely wrong with them. 

Surprisingly, a study published in the “Journal of Sexual Medicine” found that one in four patients with new, onset ED is under 40.

Causes of ED in younger men

There’s a big difference between occasional ED—such as that caused by a few too many beers—and chronic impotence.

Chronic ED is more likely to be caused by something physical, rather than psychological. In older men, it’s frequently caused by heart attacks, diabetes or hypertension. But in younger men, it’s more likely to be caused by a physical injury—such as one caused by sex or from getting hit in the groin.

Extensive smoking—either cigarettes or pot—has also been shown to be a major contributor to ED. In fact, an article in “Playboy” cited the likelihood of ED as being three times as great for pot smokers compared to men that don’t smoke weed.

The emotional effects of ED

While no man wants to suffer from impotence, older men may feel less stigma about the condition due to television, radio and print ads touting how common ED is among men their age. They may be more likely to seek help and less likely to blame themselves or think it’s “all in their head.”

In addition, men in a committed relationship may have more support from their spouse when dealing with ED, and have less pressure to “perform” on the dating circuit. For younger men dealing with ED, avoiding dating altogether may seem like the easiest path to avoid the shame of impotence if the opportunity for sex comes up.

But younger men should know they’re not alone in their suffering, and that the right doctor will help them get to the root of their ED.

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