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Vibrators for Men: Can They Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Key information:

  • Vibrators for men are designed to give you more pleasure in bed.
  • Vibrating sex toys can reduce symptoms of mild to moderate ED.
  • Using a vibrator for men can help you enjoy intimacy without a full erection.
  • If you experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction, talk to your doctor first.

For many years, men have been discriminated against by the sex-toy market. Producers competed to offer orgasm-inducing vibrators for ladies, forgetting about male consumers.

While sex toys designed for men are not new, the options have been limited and sometimes cumbersome.

Luckily, times they are a-changing! A new generation of vibrators for men can help reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction and enhance pleasure for both partners.

How Do Vibrators for Men Work?

Vibrators designed for people with penises take many shapes and forms. While many women’s sex toys are used internally, devices for men surround either the whole penis or only the shaft.

Some devices are made with additional stimulation of the testicles and perineum in mind.  The perineum is the area between the scrotum and the anus, which is known to produce pleasurable sensations when touched.

There are also medical-grade devices available that use special pads to awaken the nerves in the penis.

Vibration helps stimulate nerve endings and increases blood flow in the pelvic area, making intercourse or masturbation more pleasurable. Vibrators for men can give you orgasms you’ve never experienced before!

Vibrators for men can give you deeper orgasms
Vibrators for men can give you deeper orgasms

Can Vibrators for Men Help With ED?

Some sexual novelties have the added benefit of reducing mild to moderate symptoms of erectile dysfunction. An FDA-approved device on the market called Viberect is one example. Viberect stimulates the nerves responsible for erections at the right frequency and amplitude. The result? Sexual centers in the brain and spinal cord light up, helping you get hard.

While some vibrators help men with ED achieve erections, not all support the rigidity of the penis during the act itself. The Tenuto is one that does. Tenuto is a toy that looks like a sophisticated penis ring with a vibrating attachment.

The advantage of this solution is that you can wear it during intercourse. Not only will it help you stay hard, but your partner will also enjoy the vibrations.

Vibrators for men help women have more pleasure too
Vibrators for men help women have more pleasure too

Can a Vibrator Help Chronic Erectile Dysfunction?

Can vibrators for men help with chronic ED? Some guys struggle to get an erection because of health conditions. The devices mentioned above support recovery after prostate surgeries and even spinal cord injuries.

The Pulse Duo is another device that can be a good option for couples dealing with erectile dysfunction, especially ED that does not respond to medication.

Pulse can be worn during intimate play so that the couple can make genital contact without full penetration. The vibes give him a nice sensation while she enjoys having her clitoris stimulated.

Do Vibrators for Men Work for Everyone?

New sexual enhancement products are promising, but there is no magical cure for ED, and individual responses vary. If you have problems getting and staying erect, talk to your doctor first.

Pills such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra are the first-line treatment for erectile dysfunction due to their effectiveness for most men. See our medication guide to learn more about these and other ED meds we offer, or take advantage of our complimentary medical consultation with a U.S.-licensed physician. Filling your prescription has never been easier!

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