Trouble in the Sheets? Try these exercises.

After a fancy dinner and a nice night out on the town, you and your lady have decided to crawl into the sheets. But when it comes time to perform, your little guy can’t stay up. It’s embarrassing and frustrating, but there are ways to ensure that it won’t happen again. While medication is a sure fire way to fight the problem, here are some exercises you can start doing to help eliminate the problem.

Kegel exercises: Kegel exercises work out the muscles in your pelvis. Kegel exercises help to promote urinary continence and sexual health, and can do wonders for your problem. To do this exercise, squeeze your pelvic muscles, hold for 5 seconds, then relax. Repeat this 10 to 20 times, two or three times a day.

Walking: Yes, really. A brisk walk every day can help with any problems in the sheets. Studies have found that walking every day for at least three months significantly improves the health of your blood vessels. This will allow blood to easily move around your body, making it easier to achieve an erection.

Bicycling: While the wrong bike seat can actually worsen your erectile problems, a bike with a seat that conforms to your body can help you to tackle your erectile issues. A recent study found that intervals of bicycling starting at 45 minutes per day for the first two weeks, then increasing to 60 minutes per day, showed positive results on erectile issues in just eight weeks.

Evan Hopkins is a 24 year old writer operating out of Atlanta, GA. When he isn't writing, he enjoys reading books, drinking coffee, and folk music.Evan Hopkins on Google+