The 3 Oddest Ways To Treat Erection Problems

There’s medication, there’s natural remedies, there’s home solutions; it seems like there’s a million different ways treat erection problems. While some of them are definitely weird (tomatoes help your erection? What?), here are three of the most certifiably odd ways people have devised to treat ereciton problems.

A beer laced with Viagra: This one just has disaster written all over it. Folks, never combine alcohol and erection medication. But apparently U.K. based brewery BrewDog didn’t get this memo and cranked out a beer that is said to feature a herbal-equivalent to Viagra. Even odder? The beer was brewed specially to celebrate the recent Royal wedding, hence the name Royal Virility Brew.

Blood flow increasing coffee: Sure, coffee helps you to wake up in the mornings, but this special blend is said to help your little guy wake up, too. Magic Power Coffee claims to help to open arteries, improving blood flow to the penis. But buyer beware: The FDA warned consumers that most of the coffee’s claims had not been proven with studies.

Reflexology: Reflexology is the belief that pressure points on the body can help to naturally improve the body. By pushing the right point in just the right way, reflexologists claim they can improve your erection. The results have been mixed, and researchers are hesitant to promote the method, but many swear by the art of pressure points.

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