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Stendra Prices at CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart

Walgreens has the lowest price for Stendra among the top three retail pharmacy chains. However, ordering online from can usually save you time and money, making it the more attractive deal. 

Although it’s been on the market since 2012, Stendra is still “the new kid on the block” among the erectile dysfunction drugs available in the United States. It came to market 14 years after the 1998 debut of Viagra, Pfizer’s iconic little blue pill that revolutionized the treatment of ED, and belongs to the same class of drugs.

It is also the only ED drug that thus far has no direct generic competition. Nor is any such competition likely over the next couple of years anyway.

Avanafil Is Active Ingredient

The active ingredient in Stendra is avanafil, yet another of the medications known collectively as PDE5 inhibitors. These drugs temporarily optimize blood flow to the penis by sidelining an enzyme known as phosphodiesterase-5, which can compromise vascular function, particularly in those whose ED is vascular-related.

Stendra’s recommended starting dose (the dose that works for most men based on clinical testing) is 100 milligrams. Also available are tablets that each contain 200 milligrams of the active ingredient. Stendra should be taken 15 to 30 minutes before the anticipated start of sexual activity and typically lasts for five to six hours.

Stendra Price Is Relatively High

Because it has no generic competition, Stendra is one of the most expensive ED medications on the market. Our most recent price check at America’s top three retail pharmacy chains and online facilitator reveals that Stendra prices range from a low of $70.58 to a high of $78.26 for a 100-milligram tablet, as you can see in the following chart:

Among the three brick-and-mortar pharmacy chains, Walgreens currently has the lowest price at $70.58. CVS is second at $73.27, and Walmart is third at $73.52. Our online supplier charges $78.26.

Compare Apples with Apples

However, be very careful when comparing drug prices at conventional pharmacies with those at online pharmacies. The latter almost always offer added value for the price you pay per pill. And that added value comes in the form of savings in both time and money.

For example, what’s it worth to you to dispense with the hassle of travel to and from the pharmacy to get your prescription filled, not to mention the time you’ll spend twiddling your thumbs while the pharmacist is at work? Time is money.

Online facilitator eDrugstore can also save you the cost — in both time and money — of a trip to your local doctor’s office. Nor will you have to risk the wrath of your boss by asking for time off to go to the doctor. If you don’t have a prescription, eDrugstore will schedule a complimentary online consultation with a licensed U.S. physician who can authorize a prescription if appropriate. And that savings alone is well worth the premium you’ll pay in higher prices for the drugs.

And Shipping Is Free!

If you opt to place an order with eDrugstore, your order will be promptly filled and shipped off — free of charge — to your home, workplace, or whatever destination you prefer. Packaging is discreet and offers no hint what’s inside.

If all this convenience appeals to you, you can learn more about eDrugstore by paying a visit to its Erectile Dysfunction page. There you will find additional information about the full range of ED medications and other drugs available from eDrugstore.

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