Staxyn: How To Take It For Maximum Effectiveness

Staxyn differs from all other oral erectile dysfunction medications in that it can be taken without water. Just pop a tablet in your mouth, and it quickly dissolves, speeding its active ingredient into your bloodstream.

Staxyn, available in the United States since 2010, contains the same active ingredient (vardenfil) as Levitra. Like Levitra, it is used to treat erectile dysfunction. But unlike Levitra, Staxyn dissolves on the tongue, so it can be taken without water.

Available in a 10-mg tablet, Staxyn is packaged in a slim, black sliding container that’s about the size of a pack of gum, so it fits easily into a pocket and doesn’t readily “advertise” what it contains.

How Quickly Staxyn Works

Doctors tell patients using Staxyn to take it an hour before they anticipate sexual activity, but the time it takes to work may vary. One Staxyn user in an online rating stated, “I take [it] about one hour before, but it has been effective sometimes sooner and if my timing is over one hour, it still has worked.” One reason Staxyn may work a bit quicker than Levitra is that it gets into the bloodstream more quickly. Levitra must work its way through the digestive system where it is broken down before it’s absorbed, and this process takes a bit longer.

How Long Does It Last?

Taken as directed, the effects of Staxyn typically last around eight hours. Like the time to effectiveness, though, this can vary. Some men report taking it at night and still noticing the effects the next morning. One very pleased Staxyn user reported, “Beats by a mile its competitors. Hard erection in less than 1 [hour] after taking it, seems to last more than 24 hours. No side effects in my case.” If you haven’t taken it before, expect it to work for about eight hours.

Alcohol and Grapefruit Juice

Moderate alcohol intake doesn’t interfere with Staxyn.

Moderate alcohol intake has not been shown to cause problems — like a drop in blood pressure — that have been reported with other ED drugs when taken with alcohol. If you’re taking Staxyn for the first time, in addition to taking normal precautions regarding drinking, remain aware of how Staxyn is affecting you; if you feel more impaired than usual, be safe and have your date drive you home or call a cab.

While your doctor should advise you about potential interactions between Staxyn and other drugs you take, you should also know that grapefruit juice can inhibit the breakdown and elimination of Staxyn from the body. However, you should not try to “game the system” by drinking grapefruit juice hoping it will make Staxyn work better or last longer. For one thing, it probably won’t work; and for another, if you experience side effects, they may be more pronounced if you consume grapefruit juice.

Making the Most of Staxyn

Staxyn works well in men of all ages.

Staxyn should not be taken more than once in a 24-hour period, so two Staxyn is enough for that special weekend. By taking one on Friday night and the other on┬áSaturday night, you should be able to enjoy sexual activity multiple times over the course of a weekend. Staxyn’s effects are basically the same whether it is taken with food or without, so you don’t have to worry about the timing of meals.

Staxyn is a convenient option for men who experience erectile dysfunction. It is a safe, effective treatment for ED, and millions of men have taken it successfully. Obtaining Staxyn starts with a conversation with a physician about your overall health and symptoms. If you are interested in having genuine Staxyn shipped conveniently and discreetly to you, consider working with a trusted online facilitator like, which has been supplying ED drugs to millions of satisfied users since the late 1990s. To learn more, visit its Erection Problems page.


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