Recognizing Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms and Seeking Treatment

It may surprise most men to know, but actually statistics show that about 1 out of 3 men will experience some form of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) at some point during their life. Understanding how this affects men in general, especially those who are sexually active or rely on intimacy to maintain a relationship with their partner, experiencing the symptoms of ED can be as psychologically harmful as it is inconvenient.

For a man who experiences being unable to achieve an erection, they automatically feel inadequate to some extent. The fact they cannot perform, even if just for one night, can lead to long-lasting consequences on their mental framework. The inability to get a necessary erection in response to the spontaneous nature a healthy relationship often demands can chip away at his overall confidence.  Soon, these men may even find themselves in a position where any future sexual encounter will be deemed a failure, and be convinced they can no longer fulfill a significant other’s sexual needs.

This experience is enough for many men to lose hope. Being too ashamed to frankly discuss these problems with their partner, or even a local physician, is what usually prevents someone from getting treatment to help with the problem. As a result of this, less than 10% of men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction are unaware of how many oral therapy treatment options which are both effective and painless currently exist.

There are ways to further understand and recognize if you have Erectile Dysfunction, as it has specific signs to look for.  Please review the following list to help you be sure whether or not you are dealing with ED.  This can also help determine if you fall into the category of those who would greatly benefit from treating your condition with ED medication.

Classic Signs of ED:

  • You get an erection, but it does not last throughout the course of sex.
  • Sometimes you are able to get an erection, other times you cannot.
  • When you are aroused the erection remains not firm enough for penetration.
  • You have no ability to achieve an erection regardless of the situation.

The most difficult part for most men who may be experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above begins with the simple matter of acceptance.  Nobody wants to admit they suffer from something like Erectile Dysfunction, but once a man has gotten over his denial he can find himself on the road to treatment for his unfortunate condition. This can explain why most men would choose not to treat their inability to achieve an erection rather than seek more traditional methods such as seeing a doctor.

Fortunately, there are several very reliable, non-intrusive methods to treat ED that are both safe and effective.  Each one is available in the form of an oral pill designed to alleviate the symptoms Erectile Dysfunction.

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