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Prices for Three Major ED Drugs Drop in Second Half of 2019

Consumers of lifestyle erectile dysfunction (ED) medications experienced price relief during the second half of 2019, according to eDrugstore’s exclusive polling data from major pharmacy chains.

The data eDrugstore collected came from 15 top retail pharmacy chains in the U.S. as well as three online medical facilitators, including

Prices Drop Over Summer, Then Plateau

Prices for Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, and their generic equivalents sildenafil, vardenafil, and tadalafil fell during the summer of 2019 and then reached a plateau by the end of the year. Though the data eDrugstore will continue to collect in 2020 will tell the real story, the price plateau indicates that consumers may have seen most of the price benefit of new generic competitors for the time being.

Viagra, however, will lose its remaining patent protection in the U.S. in April of 2020, and once that happens, new generic competitors could enter the market, prompting a new round of price cuts.

Levitra, Vardenafil Show Steepest Prices Drops

Among the branded ED medications, Levitra prices dropped the most, with the cost of a 20-mg tablet of Levitra falling by 9.9% from July through December 2019. Prices for Viagra (100-mg tablet) and Cialis (20-mg tablet) each fell by around 3.2% during that same time period.

The generic versions of these medications dropped even more significantly in price during the same period. Vardenafil, the generic version of Levitra, dropped by an astonishing 54.8%. Prices for both sildenafil (generic Viagra) and tadalafil (generic Cialis) fell by just over 27% during the second half of the year. These results are summarized in the following table.

Average price for ED drugs in July and December.

You can also visualize the monthly average price changes for the drugs in the following graph.

Key Takeaways from eDrugstore’s Pricing Data

What’s the main takeaway from this information? Generic drugs save consumers significantly across the board. eDrugstore offers both the branded and generic versions of these medications, along with the convenience of a free online medical consultation and speedy, discreet shipping right to customers’ homes.

Why eDrugstore Tracks ED Drug Prices

Why is eDrugstore tracking these medication prices? It’s simple. At eDrugstore, our goal is to ensure that consumers have the information they need on both the medications themselves and their prices so they can make the best possible choices when considering their needs, their budgets, and the cost of their time. eDrugstore knows that time is money, and by making the treatment of ED as convenient, cost-effective, and secure as possible, we want to save consumers time by providing them with the information and services they need.

For over 20 years, eDrugstore has provided prescription ED medications and other lifestyle drugs with unequaled convenience, cost-effectiveness, and customer service. If you’re ready to address ED in 2020, eDrugstore invites you to check out our Erectile Dysfunction page.

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