Myths About Erection Problems Debunked

Erection problems. Just the term is enough to send a shiver through a man’s spine. No man wants to lose the ability to achieve and maintain an erection. It’s embarrassing, it’s saddening, and it’s scary. Because the possibility of erection problems are so terrifying, the affliction has become embroiled in myths and wives tales. These rumors are passed around as fact, and make erection problems even scarier. Here are some of the more common myths are erection problems, and why they just aren’t true.

Erection problems are permanent: Not necessarily. While erection problems can become a permanent problem, it doesn’t mean it always is. Consult a doctor about what is causing the problem. It could be mental or health based, and may be treatable.

Tight underwear can cause erection problems: Not true. Extensive studies have found no link between tightey whities and erection problems. However, researchers have found that tight underwear can lead to lowered sperm count, so it may be wise to switch to boxers.

A reliance on erection health medication will lead to addiction: Not true. Erection health medication is not habit forming. Like all medication, erection health medication is simply intended to help you while you need help. When you find yourself able to naturally achieve an erection on your own, you will no longer need your medication.

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