Too Much Time On The Phone Could Lead To Trouble In The Sheets

Smart phones have become increasingly prevalent in the world, and while they may let us pay bills, play games, and talk to friends, they may be leading to other problems: problems in the bedroom.

According to a recent report in Taiwan, a couple in their late 20s reported to the office of a Dr. Wang (yes, really) at the Kaohsiung Medical ┬áChung-Ho Memorial Hospital in southern Taiwan. The couple complained of “poor bedroom performance,” and asked for helped. Attempting to get to the bottom of the problem, the doctor asked the couple about their habits. The girlfriend admitted that her boyfriend was not only a chain smoker, but he was obsessed with his phone, and would stay up late into the night playing various online games.

“Addiction to smartphone games is a main cause of his erectile dysfunction. It has reduced his sexual drive,” Dr. Wang concluded.

The prescription? Cut out the cigarettes and turn off the phone. The man’s condition has reportedly since improved greatly since following the doctor’s advice.



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