The Holidays: A Sexy and Stress-Free Wonderland

sexy santa, Viagra, presents, stress free, Holidays, ChristmasIt’s almost that time again. The relatives will start planning huge family events, the travel price will sky rocket, and the stress will rise. On the bright side, there’s always shopping your cares away with the enormous crowds and fighting for the best price on the latest video game. The holiday season can be quite miserable. I hear many people complaining that it has lost all meaning and that it is simply a commercial holiday headache from beginning to end. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few tips on how to keep your sanity this holiday season.

    1. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Procrastinating can seriously endanger your chance of survival this holiday season. Don’t wait until the week before travelling to the family’s house to buy or create gifts. It will add way too much unneeded pressure to the situation and make you go a lot faster at the cost of quality. Try to make a list now for the people you would like to give gifts and cards to. Start working on that list today. You will feel so much better when you space the tasks that you dread out.

    2.  Don’t Be Afraid To Say, “NO”

The holidays can be filled to the brim with planning errors, parties that overlap, travel arrangements that create tough decisions, and leaving people out. It really is up to you to say yes or no to any arrangements and you do not have to feel obligated to go to everyone’s party just to keep the peace. Be realistic. Go to what matters the most to you, not what matters the most to other people.Stress, Holidays, Viagra, Christmas, Presents, Shopping

    3. Sexy Santa Time

Don’t forget to make time for your partner. Sex is one of the best ways to cut stress in half. Studies show that people who have sex once a day feel much less stressed than those who do not. Go get some sexy red lingerie and a Santa hat. That’s all you’ll need after he pops a Viagra to make the action even more intense.

    4. Eat Right

The holidays are filled with carbs, sugar and fat. In moderation, all of these things are quite alright but when you have cookies for breakfast, Mom’s fudge after every meal, candy canes and mints constantly and fattening fried foods for dinner, you’re going to feel bloated and miserable and you’re going to gain weight. Try munching on celery when the family breaks out the all day snack dishes. Try going for a walk at night to burn off a few of those calories and actually use some of those carbs!

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