Erection Problems Could Be A Sign Of Something More Serious

It’s happened all too often:¬†You hop between the sheets, ready to enjoy a fun night with your partner, when suddenly your little soldier doesn’t want to stand at attention. You may laught it out, write it up to the alcohol, and hope for better results tomorrow. But what if it happens the next night, too? When should you start to worry? Erection problems may seem like something that could easily be cured with plenty of medication and positive affirmation, but it could be a sign of something much more serious.

Your body is a complex machine, made up of many moving parts that are all tied together in one way or another. If a problem arrises with one part, you may see the ramifications in a completely different, seemingly unrelated part of your body.

One of the most common causes of erection problems is heart problems. If your heart is struggling to put out blood, your erection will pay the price. If your heart can’t consistently get blood to reach your penis, this could mean that your heart has serious problems.

Alternatively, your heart could be just fine but your arteries could be suffering. If your arteries begin to constrict, this will drastically slow the flow of blood throughout the body. Blood will struggle to flow quickly, making it difficult to reach the penis and maintain an erection.

Your stomach could also be linked to your bedroom problems. A widening waistline can lead to many health problems, which include erection problems.

So, while your erection problems may not seem like a big deal, they could very well be an indicator that your body is in serious trouble. Should you find yourself consistently unable to achieve an erection, consult a doctor.

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