Erection Issues May Signal Heart Disease

A recent study conducted by researchers at the Australian National University’s National Center for Epidemiology and Population Health has revealed that men suffering from mild to severe erection problems are at an increased risk for developing cardiovascular conditions in the future. Even worse, if a man’s ED continues to get worse, they face the possibility of heart disease and early death.

For the study, the researchers tracked more than 95,000 men aged 45 and up, and compared date collected between 2006 and 2009 to data collected in 2010. Researchers found that men aged 45 and up without diagnosed heart disease that reported moderate or severe ED were up to 50 percent more likely to be hospitalized for heart problems. Additionally, men with ED who also had a history of cardiovascular disease were at an even higher risk of hospitalization.

Researchers credit the link between ED and cardiovascular issues to the afflictions sharing similar disease processes. Both can be caused by high cholesterol, smoking, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and age. If left unchecked, these problems may lead to atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of the arteries. When plaque builds up in the arteries, the smaller arteries, such as those found in the penis, are the first to get clogged. This plaque reduces blood flow, which can make an erection difficult.

The study concluded that men with erection loss should see a doctor to get their hearts checked. If a doctor believes you are at risk for heart disease, healthy lifestyle choices such as staying active, eating better, and quitting smoking can help your heart, which in turn may help your erection.

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