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Erection Health: It’s Not Just for Older Men

young man sitting outdoors, smiling
Erection health is important, no matter your age.

Erection health problems are usually considered something that older men deal with. Some even think it’s just another normal part of aging, but that’s not the case. Erection health is important for men of all ages, young or old, and age alone isn’t the cause.

Erection health issues aren’t normal at any age, whether you’re 35 or 75. But when younger men experience difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection, there is a real cause for concern.

The reason older men are generally thought of as more likely candidates for erection problems is because the health conditions that inhibit erections more often emerge over time, and with age.

For example, heart disease is more common in older men than young, and heart disease can cause erection difficulties. So it’s not the age alone that impairs healthy blood flow to the penis, but a health condition that took years to develop.

When erections are impaired in younger men, it’s time to find out why.

How Healthy Erections Happen

An erection is a complicated process, and it involves several different parts of the body.  It all begins with stimulation and the brain.

When stimulation is received, whether it’s a suggestion, a physical touch, or even something that you see, the brain starts off the next stage of the process by sending that stimulation signal down the spine. When the signal reaches a group of nerves located at the lower end of the spine, the nerves take over the process and help trigger the release of nitric oxide into the penis.

At this point, the smooth muscle cells in the penis relax, more blood flows in, less blood flows out, and the two spongy chambers that run the length of the penis on both sides expand and fill up with blood.

Once the stimulation is gone, the extra blood in the penis flows back out again.

Because so many different parts of the body are involved and different chemical processes happen, there are several ways that an erection could be stopped almost before it even starts. This is true for all men, not just younger or older men, so any interference signals a problem that should be investigated.

Special Health Concerns for Younger Men

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Even younger men need to take care of their heart health.

Healthy blood flow is the creating force of an erection. One of the most common reasons for erection health issues is impairment of blood flow. In a younger man, that could an indicator of early trouble elsewhere in the body.

Blood vessel blockages are caused by plaque buildup inside the walls of the vessels. Over time, plaque can build to a point where the normal flow of blood is reduced. Because some of the vessels that supply the penis with blood are small, they can be among the first in the body to succumb to reduced blood flow.

This is why difficulty achieving and maintaining erections is considered a potential early warning sign of heart and blood vessel problems.

Plaque buildup in blood vessel walls takes a while to become a blood flow problem. That’s why it’s more common in older men. So when a younger man has blockages, there is real cause for concern, and a need to make lifestyle changes. Your doctor might also recommend medication to help reduce the plaque.

IOL Lifestyle reports that Dr. Etienne Kok, a sexual health advisor with Pharma Dynamics, says many men are unhealthy and lead sedentary lives. Type 2 diabetes is another risk of being overweight and sedentary, and diabetes is another potential cause of erection health issues.

With diabetes, both blood vessels and nerves can suffer damage. Diabetic nerve damage is often associated with nerves in the feet, but any nerves can become damaged by the disease. Because nerves are responsible for triggering the nitric oxide that, in turn, causes more blood to flow into the penis, damage to this fragile network could impair erections.

Other Causes of Erection Health Issues

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Don’t blame yourself for erection problems.

In younger men, there may be no definitive physical problem causing erection difficulties. This is especially true for someone who is healthy overall, eats right, gets plenty of exercise, and doesn’t have bad habits such as smoking and drinking excessive alcohol. In those cases, the problem might be psychological or hormonal, according to Healthline.

Likely since the beginning of time, men have associated firm erections with virility, strength, and general manliness. When erections don’t happen like they should, that’s a difficult thing to deal with. For some men, one incident of erection problems is enough to trigger stress and even depression that makes future erections progressively more difficult.

Where a psychological issue is to blame for erection problems, treatment such as talking with a therapist might help. Relaxing about it is important. The more stress you feel, the more the problem could increase. So don’t blame yourself, and try not to worry as much about not pleasing your partner.

This is why it’s so important to understand that you’re not alone, even among men your age.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine  says as much as 25 percent of men under 40 experience erection issues, so it’s more prevalent that you might have thought. What’s interesting about those numbers is nearly the same percentage of men over 40 are in the same situation.

Hormonal issues are another possible cause. While low testosterone on its own doesn’t impair erections, low-T could have a damaging effect on a critical part of the erection process, which is the desire for sex. Without desire, all the stimulation in the world could fall on deaf ears, so to speak.

The important thing for younger, and older, men to remember is that erection problems aren’t normal, but also that they are often correctible.

Medications for Erection Health Can Help

The first thing to do when erection health suffers is to talk with a doctor. He’ll want to rule out possible health problems, perhaps address lifestyle issues, and perhaps recommend a therapist if the cause is more likely psychological. He may also prescribe a PDE5 inhibitor, which is a medication that helps many men improve erection health.

PDE5 inhibitors are medications that promote healthy blood flow to the penis. You probably know them by their brand names, such as Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra. Two newer medications are Staxyn and Stendra, both of which are in the same class as the others.

Your doctor will want to rule out certain health conditions and learn about which other medications you might be taking. Men who take nitrates for chest pain can’t take PDE5 inhibitors because of the risk of a serious drop in blood pressure. But for many men, one of these medications offers the relief they need.

Younger men are not immune to erection health problems. In fact, studies are showing that the same percentage of younger men experience difficulties as those who are over 40. Fortunately, there is medication that can help. sells all of the PDE5 inhibitor medications, including Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn, and Stendra, all of which have been proven effective in treating erection health issues in many men. We offer privacy and convenience, and your discreetly-packed shipment arrives right at your door. If you’re ready to try something that works, see what has to offer.

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