Can Lecithin Help with Erection Problems?

Lecithin can help people control high cholesterol, promoting better circulation. This can benefit men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED).

Lecithin is a fatty substance found naturally in animal and plant tissues, as well as egg yolks. In supplement form, it can be taken as a medicine, and it’s also an ingredient in a wide array of food products, dietary supplements, and medications. Its popularity as an ingredient is attributed to its emulsifying properties, which help to blend ingredients that otherwise don’t mix well.

Among its many medicinal properties, its ability to break up cholesterol and other fats is particularly attractive to men who suffer from erection problems or have begun to notice a decline in erectile function. A major cause of erection problems is compromised vascular function, which occurs when deposits of cholesterol and other fatty substances build up on the inner walls of arteries, thus reducing blood flow. By promoting robust vascular function, lecithin also helps to support cardiovascular health.

Lecithin Is a Good Source of Choline

In addition to its cholesterol-busting properties, lecithin is an excellent source of choline, which helps to support muscle movement, as well as liver and nerve function. The richest food source of lecithin is egg yolk. However, it also is found in organ meats such as brains, kidneys, and liver, as well as soybeans and whole grains. If you’re a vegan or not a big fan of the lecithin-rich foods we’ve listed, you can get your lecithin in supplement form, some brands of which are derived from soy and sunflower sources.

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