An Artist Works to Make ED Less Taboo

Sexual dysfunction
An Artist Works to Make ED Less Taboo

Mark Storer is worried that the embarrassment surrounding erectile dysfunction (ED) makes men less likely to talk to their doctor about it.

He’s especially concerned because he knows that ED is an indicator of cardiovascular disease, stroke and coronary artery disease.

Men sharing their ED concerns

In an attempt to break down some of the taboos surrounding impotency, Storer wrote “The Barometer of My Heart,” a play that explores impotency, health and masculine identity.

The work weighed heavily on Storer’s research; he attended 64 private consultations with men attending ED clinics.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Storer said the men he spoke to were willing to talk if they felt it would benefit someone else. “They were prepared to risk a great deal, when they felt that they could be of service to someone else, to break the chain of isolation,” said Storer.

Men NOT sharing their ED concerns

According to the article in The Telegraph, it takes a man, on average, 21 months after experiencing ED before he’ll talk to his doctor about it.

That’s a real concern, as the Telegraph piece reports that studies have found there’s a three-year gap between when a man first experiences erectile dysfunction and when he has his first heart attack or stroke.

It’s a serious and common enough issue that a bunch of cardiologists created “The Princeton Consensus Statement on Erectile Dysfunction,” stating that all men with ED should have their risk for cardiovascular conditions evaluated.

Men not getting treated for ED concerns

Another concern is that under the National Health Service (NHS) in England, drugs used to treat impotency are only given to men who have certain conditions that are causing the ED, such as diabetes or prostate issues.

Men without these health conditions can still get ED medications, but they have to pay out of pocket.

In the instances that ED medications ARE provided by the NHS, men can only receive a prescription for one treatment per week.

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