A sedentary lifestyle could lead to troubles in the sheets, experts say

We’ve all been there: After a long day of work, you don’t feel like taking a jog or knocking out some pull-ups. No, you want to plop down into your recliner, kick up your feet, and unwind with some TV. Maybe you’ll order a pizza or warm up an instant meal from the freezer. You just want to be lazy. While the occasional lazy break is okay, men who live lazy lives run the risk of erectile problems.

Yes, a sedentary lifestyle has been proven to be one of the number one causes of erectile issues. The reason for this is simple: With little to no physical activity, your body can begin to pack on the pounds, which leads to your body becoming sluggish. Your organs will have to work harder to keep up with this new demand, and blood flow throughout the body will be slowed. When blood flow slows, it becomes harder for it to reach the penis, thus making erections difficult.

A sedentary lifestyle can also lead to other health complications such as obesity and diabetes, which can worsen your erectile problems. Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle can tole a toll on the rest of your body, so it won’t only be your penis that suffers.

So how does a man avoid the dreaded sedentary lifestyle-induced erectile problems? Simple: Get active. When it comes to your penis, it’s move it or lose it. According to the American Urological Society, regular exercise can reduce the risk of erectile problems, as well as improving your general health. Running, walking, biking, lifting weights, yoga; whatever you decide to do, your penis will thank you.

Experts say at least a solid 30 minutes of strenuous physical activity a day can improve your erectile health while also leaving you healthier. So, sure, the occasional lazy day isn’t the world, but don’t get used to them. If you do, your erection could pay the price.

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