6 Surprising Tips to Follow for Crazy-Good Sex

Some simple tips can help you step up your bedroom performance. And almost every man could use a little help in that department.

How’s your sex life? Could it use a little boost? If so, there are some habits you can adopt to improve your performance. Men, we’re talking to you. If you want to get and keep a strong erection long enough for crazy-good sex, take these words of advice from health experts.

1. Eat Well

In general, you should always watch what you eat. But, if you’re planning a romantic night, make sure you eat a sensible meal. In other words, eat something light and healthy. Save the heavy, carb-loaded meal for a night that you plan to stay in alone.

2. Use Gravity to Your Advantage

If you stand or take the top position, you have gravity – and normal blood flow – on your side. We’re not saying you shouldn’t mix it up once in a while, but if you’re worried about going the distance you should give yourself an advantageous position to start from.

3. Keep Your Laptop on Your Desk

Did you know the heat from your laptop sitting on your lap could hurt your manhood? It’s true, so keep the laptop on your desk or sit at a table to surf the internet.

4. Ditch the Stress

If you’re stressed out, your bedroom romp won’t be as pleasurable. Stress can cause impotence, and no one wants to deal with that. If you had a bad day at work, go to the gym to work off the stress or take a walk. Do whatever you need to do to kick the stress to the curb before you get intimate.

5.Don’t Over-Plan

It’s great to plan a date night, but if you try to put too much emphasis on the night it could spell disaster. You don’t want to raise expectations to a point that causes stress on you or your partner. Make a dinner reservation, go see a movie – and see where things go. The less stress the better.

6. Talk with Your Doctor

If you’re having trouble getting or keeping an erection, talk with your doctor about it. You may have erectile dysfunction, which is a treatable condition. Oral medications can treat the condition quickly and safely, but a prescription is required to get them.

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