4 Misconceptions About Impotence

4 Misconceptions About Impotence

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, can be an embarrassing problem for men. While talking about the problem can be uncomfortable, there are dozens of myths and misconceptions about the condition that are only compounding the problem.

To set the record straight, here are four misconceptions about impotence:

  1. Misconception: Impotence only happens to old men

While it’s true that impotence is more likely to effect men over 60, it’s still possible for younger men to have the condition too. If you’re struggling with the problem at any age, you should speak with your doctor.

  1. Misconception: Impotence is a mental problem

Stress and anxiety can cause impotence, but if they’re the case the problem is usually temporary. If the problem persists, it’s not all in your head. There’s usually an underlying medical cause for ED.

  1. Misconception: I can treat the condition myself with herbal remedies

The FDA has issued dozens of warnings about herbal supplements, all natural foods and other products claiming to be the cure to erectile dysfunction. In many cases, these products contain harmful ingredients that can be extremely dangerous to your health.

FDA approved medications to treat erectile dysfunction include: Viagra, Cialis, Staxyn, Stendra and Levitra. These medications are available by prescription only.

There are no generic versions of these drugs either, so any advertisements that are pushing generic options are false and may also contain harmful ingredients.

  1. Misconception: I should never buy ED medications online

While there are many illegal online operations, there are safe, reliable places to order your ED medications. eDrugstore, for example, is a licensed online pharmacy that provides free online consultations to patients. Our physicians can provide prescriptions, which can be ordered through our hassle-free website.

eDrugstore has helped more than 600,000 patients with their prescription drug needs since it began in 1998. Learn more by visiting the eDrugstore website.

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