Living with Loss of Erection Problems and the Treatment Options

There appear to be as many responses to a diagnosis of Loss of Erection Issues (ED) as there are people that have it – over 30,000,000! A couple of trends have emerged that provide insight into how men cope best with this ailment. The more a man views himself as sexually active and vibrant, the more difficult it is to accept the diagnosis. Often this includes younger men, but not necessarily.

Many men over 65 have a healthy sex life, while other elder statesmen can mistakenly write off symptoms of weak erections to “old age”. There is a danger in this belief.

Research has demonstrated that male erection issues are under-diagnosed and that it can be a sign of cardiovascular disease, even to the point of carrying an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

My view is that all physical symptoms should be taken seriously, at least until properly evaluated by a physician. This includes the inability to achieve or maintain a satisfying erection.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with erection health problems there are a number of things you can do to help reduce its effects. Quit smoking, get your cholesterol under control, change your lifestyle to an active one if you haven’t already, and talk to your doctor about the benefits of medications.

There are oral pills that have been shown to substantially increase patient satisfaction with their erection and sexual performance. Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis can even work in some patients with severe ED – those with no erections for years!

Once you have discussed this issue with your physician and have made the requisite lifestyle changes, you may still have a degree of loss of erection symptoms that bother you. Short of experimental surgery or implants, medicine has not discovered a perfect cure for this condition yet. Intimate, trusting relationships, disclosure of your feelings about this issue, and creative and new ways of enjoying sex can all contribute to more contentment in this area. Many men find great comfort in acceptance and relying in their faith as a source of strength for enduring the change in, or loss of, a once virulent sex life.

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