The Top 9 Most Influential Pharmaceutical Blogs

by Dan Seitz

There are thousands of blogs out there that cover every subject under the sun, and pharmaceuticals are no exception.  So who has the highest quality?  We took a look around the Internet and found the nine best pharmaceutical blogs.

9. Pharmacy. Jim Plagakis, Pharmacist
Jim Plagakis

Why We Like It:

Jim Plagakis, a professional pharmacist for decades, has been working to improve the lot of pharmacists at retail stores since 2005.  He offers a lot of insight — some of it companies would rather keep under the rug — about how your local chain drugstore treats its employees, and how it cuts costs…or raises them for the customer.  For insight into what your pharmacist has to put up with just to help people, there’s no better resource.

8. Pharmalot
Ed Silverman, Editor

Why We Like It:

Up-to-date news and discussion of everything in pharmaceuticals, especially from a legal standpoint, make this one of the most useful blogs about the pharmaceutical industry on the web.  Interesting, engaging, and truthful, Pharmalot shares the stories you won’t hear on the nightly news, and reports them in detail.

7. PharmaGossip

Why We Like It:

It’s exactly what it says on the label: gossip of all sorts about the pharmaceutical industry.  From what  drugs are being worked on, to what drugs are being mismarketed, the name belies a serious look at the industry … and sometimes its misconduct.  It also dedicates itself to ripping into spin: if you’ve ever wondering what’s really going on, more often than not, they have the straight dope.

6. In The Pipeline
Derek Lowe

Why We Like It:

Derek Howe mixes the science with a keen scientific mind.  His posts can be seriously technical one  day, and knowledgably discussing human resources decisions at the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world the next.  He’s a hard scientist with a business mind…the kind of person perfect for understanding what goes on at the highest levels.


5. Scientific Misconduct
Dr. Aubrey Blumsohn

Why We Like It:

Pharmaceutical research is, to customers, not exactly a clear or even comprehensible field.  Unfortunately, sometimes companies take advantage of that in unethical ways…and that’s where Dr. Blumsohn comes in.  Whether he’s calling out universities for academic bullying, or analyzing the latest ethical scandal, Dr. Blumsohn says it best: if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

4. The Angry Pharmacist

Why We Like It:

Understandably anonymous, this pharmacist opens both barrels with a raw, sometimes hostile, definitely not safe for work, but always, always funny look at how pharmacists feel about their worst customers and some of the quirks in the American medical system.  Oh, and just how much pharmacists hate doctors (quite a lot).  Be warned, after reading this, you’ll never view your pharmacist in quite the same way.

3. Pharmacist Place
Joey Mattingly

Why We Like It:

Offering a bit of a counterbalance to the Angry Pharmacist (in fact, Joey calls that blog out in his About Me section), this is a much kinder and gentler look at how a pharmacist handles his day-to-day duties at major retail outlets.  Interesting and often insightful, it really helps you understand the daily work of distributing medication to those in need.

Larry Rothman

Why We Like It:

Larry takes a business perspective on the pharmaceutical industry, and, unlike a lot of people, tells it like it is.  If a company has a problem they’re not talking about, he calls them on it.  If the industry is pretending that nothing is happening when something is, he asks why.  In short, he’s on the ball and has a lot of insight into how the drugs you use get paid for…or not.

1. Jim Edwards’ Nrx
Jim Edwards

Why We Like It:

Focused exclusively on legal proceedings and often advertising misconduct, Jim Edwards is one of the best kind of reporters: the kind who literally does not quit.  It doesn’t matter if it takes ten years, Edwards will find the culprits, unseal them, scan them, and report on them.  It’s the kind of hard-nosed journalism one doesn’t expect in business reporting, forget pharmaceutical reporting, and it’s the kind of journalism the industry needs.

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