The Importance Of A Healthy Night’s Sleep

We offer many medications that can improve your overall health, but it turns out that there’s one thing you can do to make almost all of them more effective. And that’s getting a full night’s sleep.

Continue reading to see how sleep, or lack thereof, can affect your weight, your skin, and your sex life.

And clearly, if you’re at eDrugstore, you know how important each of these areas is.

Studies have shown that regularly getting a full night’s sleep allows dieters to retain more muscle mass and lose more fat while reaching their weight loss goals.

Other dieters in this study, the ones who didn’t get enough sleep, actually lost the same amount of weight during the trial, but they lost more muscle mass and retained more fat.

The overall result for the well-rested dieters would have been that they had more energy, felt stronger, and also burned more calories throughout the day because muscle mass increases a person’s resting metabolic rate.

Clearly, anyone taking Xenical, or any other weight-loss medication, would benefit from a good night’s sleep.

Improved sleep can also help your skin in a variety of surprising ways, which can be tremendously useful if you’re using a product like Vaniqa, Retin-A, or Renova.

First, quality sleep improves blood flow throughout your body, including the outer layers of your skin. More freshly oxygenated blood means healthier skin cells and brighter, younger-looking skin.

  • Sleep also helps your body produce enough collagen, which is the chemical that keeps your skin elastic, young, and healthy looking.
  • Sleep can also be a great opportunity to apply skin-care products because those nighttime hours give the medication time to absorb properly.

Sexual Health
One benefit of sleep related to sexual health is that your mental and emotional stability improve, allowing you to bond with your partner and create the right occasion for sex to be emotionally and physically satisfying.

Other benefits of sleep that help your sex life include reduced stress and improved blood flow. The great synergistic effect between a healthy sex life and healthy sleeping patterns is that they help each other.

  • Sex is shown to relax individuals and reduce stress, which can allow for better sleep. Better sleep then allows for an improved sex life, creating a beneficial circle.

Hopefully, all of these effects show you how important it is to get good sleep, and how much you’ll benefit from doing so.

Do you have any problems falling asleep, and what causes them? Do you have a hard time getting to bed at a decent hour? Do you have to wake up especially early? Or is it that your sleep is constantly interrupted in the night?

Share with us some of the obstacles you have when trying to get enough sleep.

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