Sex is Good for You

Sex, Hydration, Exercise, Viagra, CialisSex is something we all want and think about frequently but how good is it for you? It is very good for you (if you are using protection)! Without sex we may feel tired, unmotivated, sad and depressed. Whether it’s a headache or a chronic pain, sex can help you. If you’re feeling down and digging deeper into depression and anxiety, sex is like your personal wonder drug.  Sex can be nearly as important as eating right, drinking enough water and exercising. If you do it right you can include all of those healthy choices in there too!

Food and Sex

Eating a healthy and well prepared meal pre or post sex can be one of the highlights of the show. The healthy food will boost your energy levels creating a longer lasting and more satisfying romp. Eating after sex can be equally fulfilling and relaxing. Make sure to stock your refrigerator for those special occasions!

Water and Sex

If you are having the kind of sex I’m talking about you will need to have about half a gallonSex, Hydration, Exercise, Viagra, Cialis of water next to you. Crank up the heat to make it even more cleansing and invigorating. If you’re having an afternoon delight in the middle of August, try leaving the air conditioning off. Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep yourself from tiring and overheating.

Exercise and Sex

Sex is exercise and should be treated like one. Maybe you enjoy it against the wall, try keeping that position for as long as you can and really working your muscles. If you enjoy being on top, try to do the same thing and feel your muscles working. You can burn tons of calories this way. Tantric sex may be the best yet since you will likely last much longer and take your time working your muscles. Switch up to more difficult positions for 5 minutes at a time to get a full body workout. By the time you are finished you’ll need to drink some water and eat some healthy food!  For an extra boost try some Once Daily Cialis so you are ready for a marathon sex session.

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