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Secure Medical Uses Age Verification to Eliminate Fraud


  • There is increased age and identity-related fraud for lifestyle prescription medications. These include medications for erectile dysfunction and sexual health.
  • Age verification protects both online drugstores and patients. These systems only allow verified users to fill the prescriptions they request.
  • Implementing IDology age verification allows Secure Medical to reduce fraudulent prescriptions.
  • The age verification system eliminates fraud from stolen credit cards. It also prevents underage patients from getting age-restricted medications.
  • IDology’s age verification system delivers accurate results quickly. This means patients don’t face delays on their requested medications.

Before age verification systems were in place, telemedicine providers had no easy way to verify the self-reported age of their customers. Age verification systems ensure telemedicine and online drugstores like eDrugstore, a subsidiary of Secure Medical, Inc., are complying with age-related regulations. The system also keeps patients safe by prescribing the right drugs and dosages for their age.

Why Online Drugstores Need Age Verification

Many lifestyle drugs, including those for erectile dysfunction and sexual health, are age-restricted. Doctors can only prescribe them to people who meet a medication’s minimum age requirements.

When telemedicine and online drugstores were first expanding, the companies had no reliable way to verify the ages and identities of patients requesting prescriptions. This led to fake prescription requests from underage people or those using someone else’s identification as their own.

The lack of age verification was a safety concern for companies and families. Parents didn’t want their children exposed to adult materials or medications. Companies wanted to keep prescriptions away from underage patients to prevent injury.

Age verification technologies such as facial recognition and data sharing allow companies to confirm the ages and identities of their patients. They also ensure that patients’ privacy is protected.

How Age Verification Works

Before the drugstore can approve customers for online prescriptions, customers must submit information to verify their identity and age. This may include copies of their driver’s license or other forms of ID, taking a selfie, or filling out a simple medical history.

Age and ID verification technologies then extract and compare the information in their medical files with forms of government-issued photo IDs.

Verification technologies extract details such as:

  • Date of birth
  • Street address
  • Zip code
  • ID photos

Comparing these details helps verify that information is correct and identifies potential fraud. These technologies alert the drug company when ages, addresses, or photos from different sources don’t match. Any verification problems must be resolved before customers can request or buy prescriptions.

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How Secure Medical Uses Age Verification

eDrugstore, a subsidiary of Secure Medical, receives hundreds of prescription requests a day for our most popular brand-name drugs. We currently use IDology’s ExpectID Age services to authenticate customers to cut down on fraud.

After customers submit a prescription request to eDrugstore, staff review ID information and then enter it into the ExpectID Age system. The verification system uses public records and data to verify the user’s name, date of birth, and address.

ExpectID Age also analyzes a patient’s identity through their fraud detection layers to further cut risks. For example, the system catches repeat attempted transactions across various industries. It can also flag accounts for further review and investigation.

Telemedicine companies must confirm a customer’s age and identity quickly to ensure that customer prescriptions are processed and filled without delays. The software delivers a result within minutes, either verifying the user’s age or showing potential fraud cases.

Secure Medical’s Results

At Secure Medical, we use age verification to cut down on many forms of fraud. These can include:

  • Transactions made from stolen credit cards
  • Patients using someone else’s insurance or medical information as their own
  • Underage patients seeking age-restricted medications.

A recent case study showed that Secure Medical identified and reduced instances of fraud by 50%. CEO John Rao attributes the reduction of fraud to the use of ExpectID Age. The software’s features allow identification of fraudulent accounts where identity information does not match other records.

This includes cases where stolen credit cards are used. The person using the stolen credit card often does not know the date of birth or address of the credit card’s account holder. When the verification system detects incorrect information, the account is denied verification, and a fraudulent transaction is prevented.

The verification software also identifies when patients requesting age-restricted medications lie about their age. This prevents us from filling prescriptions and keeping medications safely away from underage patients.

We also use age verification to analyze patients’ self-reported medical records. If patients aren’t honest about their age, they may be omitting other important medical information. This includes prescription medications they’re currently taking. They could also be downplaying any underlying medical conditions they may have.

We can’t prescribe and fill medications without a patient’s accurate medical history. Some prescriptions can have adverse effects if taken with other medications or medical conditions. These drug interactions can endanger a patient’s health.

Age verification helps us determine if a patient’s medical information is legitimate.

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Safely Order Prescriptions Through Secure Medical and eDrugstore

Patients can safely get the prescriptions they need through eDrugstore.

We offer our customers a wide variety of medications, including popular lifestyle prescriptions for men’s health and sexual wellness. We’ve helped patients fill over 2.25 million orders since 1999. We use HIPAA-compliant video and audio consultations to protect our customers’ privacy.

Visit our online pharmacy to fill your erectile dysfunction or sexual health prescriptions. Order with peace of mind, knowing that with eDrugstore, your identity is verified and protected.

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