Quilters asked to stop making blankets because of bed bugs

Their needles are always moving.  The Quilters of Valor churned out more than 1,000 blankets for wounded soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan, but now their production has been halted.

The Minneapolis Department of Veterans Affairs has asked the women to cool their quilting jets.  The VA says they will no longer accept any handmade goodies because of bed bugs.  The quilters were told it is part of a nationwide directive to stop the critters from spreading through Veteran’s facilities.

The quilters have told a local newspaper that they are little offended by the order, since they use new fabric and typically work on quilts at local stores that offer an open space for the women to work.  But it seems bed bugs are a growing concern every where.

What’s the deal with bed bugs?
The tiny bugs are making their presence felt all across the U.S. Orkin, a nationwide pest control service, says the number of apple-seed sized bugs is on the rise. Typically the bugs only come out at night.   Like mosquitoes, they feed on blood from biting humans. Most people don’t see the bugs; instead they see the bites on their skin.  The itchy bumps are small bites that can be found all over the body, but hot spots are the neck, legs, and arms.

A costly problem
Once the bugs hit a house they are tough to kill.  A local Orkin representative says it costs several hundred dollars per room to treat for bed bugs and it often takes more than one treatment to kill them.

Once the bugs are in a home, they can attach to your clothes and be spread from one room to another. By the time a homeowner realizes they have bed bugs, it’s likely they have tracked the bugs throughout the house. Treatment of a whole house can cost thousands of dollars.

An infested homeowner can also take the bugs to work with them, infesting their cubicle and work place.  Bed bugs can lay upwards of five eggs a day and multiple rapidly, which is why the quilters will have to lay off their chartiable work for awhile.  At least until the bed bug population is under control.

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