Placebo Is Enough to Improve Women’s Sex Life

Maybe it is “all in your head” after all. Particularly if you are a woman who is experiencing sexual arousal disorder/low sex drive.

It turns out that in a recent small study, one in three women who were given a dud pill (placebo) found that their sex lives had improved – apparently because they broached the subject of their sex lives with a doctor as part of the study.

The study, which appears this week in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, was conducted by the Baylor College of Medicine. Two hundred women participated, 50 of which were given a placebo. The original purpose of the study was to determine whether or not Cialis could help improve sexual dysfunction in women.

Although Cialis was not found to help women’s sex lives at a statistically significant level, researchers did find that one in three women who were given a placebo reported improved sex lives (more satisfying sex/more orgasms).

The reports of improved sex lives among the women who were given a placebo was considered “largely psychological” by the lead study author, Andrea Bradford. She stated that a sexual dysfunction drug for women (none have been approved by the FDA to date, and Flibanserin was denied access to the market earlier this year) may not be the answer for many women.

There may be some “real simple steps” women can take to improve their sex lives, she said. Namely, a psychological investment in their sex lives. It turns out that all women who participated in the study spoke with a health care professional who listened to their concerns and took them seriously. Women also were asked to keep a journal during the 12-week study in order to document their feelings, and any changes.

A doctor who is a medical contributor to “Good Morning America” said that women are unlikely to bring up the subject of female sexual arousal disorder with their doctors, or even OBGYNs. The contributor said that even sex doctors find the issue tough to talk about. This state of affairs is akin to men who are afraid to approach their doctors about erectile dysfunction. Men, however, have the option to buy Viagra online.

At the end of the day, the study shows that, even if a “little pink pill” were to come to market, there are many factors at work in the larger scheme of women’s sexual health. The researchers agree there are many factors at play with regard to a woman’s happiness with sex.

The medical contributor to “Good Morning America” may have hit it on the head (although, perhaps also stated the obvious): “Women, I think, are so much more complicated than men,” she said.

Amen to that.

* Please note that Cialis should never be taken by women. The erectile dysfunction drugs Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra are prescribed for men only. Women do have the option to buy Zestra arousal oils over the counter. However, there is no FDA-approved prescription medication for female sexual dysfunction/sexual arousal disorder.

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