Is Your Pet Good For You? How Pets Boost Health and Happiness

Pets, Stress, Relaxation, Dogs, CatsThere is nothing better than having a crumby day and coming home to a smiling face that loves you endlessly. No, I am not talking about your spouse. I’m talking about your four legged friend. It’s hard not to smile back when you’re faced with a wagging tail and a smiley face. Animals have only pure emotions, no drama, no secrets, just pure old fashioned real emotions that they will gladly share with us. If it’s not a dog that greets you but a cat, chinchilla, hamster, or whatever else you might have, it’s still all the same. They are happy to see you just because you are you. There’s something to be said about that. These little friends are actually good for our mental and physical health.


Studies show that cat owners are generally less stressed, more able to handle long term pain and 40% less likely to suffer from a heart attack or other heart issues than people who have never owned a cat. Cats are wonderful for people who suffer from depression and anxiety. By simply holding your purring cat for 30 minutes and watching TV, your sense of well being will rise, your heart rate will slow and you will experience a sweet calm. It is proven that having a happy animal around you will help you deal with your own emotions and actually have much less stress. Less stress means a happier life and low chance of heart issues.


Who doesn’t love a furry whose mission in life is to see you and have fun? Even on thePets, Stress, Relaxation, Dogs, Cats worst days you can walk into your house and be instantly less stressed and happier just simply being around your dog and its endless enthusiasm and happiness. Plus, dog owners generally are in better shape than those who do not own a dog. Dogs like exercise and adventures. Dogs tend to be able to sense your emotions and play along accordingly. When I am sad my dog will sit in front of me and shake my hand every few seconds until I am laughing. He has a way of being just goofy enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Other Animals

If you are allergic to furry animals or just don’t care for their ways, there are plenty of other animals out there that need love too. A friend of mine has a Peruvian Boa Constrictor and the snake absolutely loves her. They will sit together for hours watching movies and snuggling. Everyone has a different personality and there is an animal out there waiting to share their happiness. Pet owners are more compassionate, easier to get along with and more mild mannered than those who do not own a pet.

Adopting an animal is rewarding but nothing is more rewarding than saving an animal from a shelter. They will provide you with lifelong happiness and gratitude.

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