Make Cheese at Venissimo, San Diego Museum Cool Date Ideas- San Diego, California


Make Cheese at Venissimo: Yes, cheese.The folks at Venissimo are passionate about cheese, and they want to share that passion with you. They offer a wide assortment of cheese making classes, ranging from ricotta to swiss. If you feel like cutting out all the work and just want to get to the cheese, Venissimo also offers special events that pair their delicious cheeses with wine, craft beers, and even art galleries based around cheese.

San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art: Embrace your artistic side and pay the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art a visit. But be aware, this isn’t your grandma’s art. No Rembrandts or Picassos here. Instead, soak in the unique, out-there art that the Museum features, ranging from traditional paintings to sculptures, and even more. The Museum also offers special events, such as social mixers and dinners.

SeaWorld: A little obvious? Maybe. But SeaWorld is always a good time and is sure to provide a unique date experience. See the beautiful marine life, take in a dolphin show, and then scream your head off on a roller coaster.


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