The unknown health benefits of having sex

It’s not always easy to keep that spark alive in the bedroom, but studies show people with an active sex life are healthier.   It’s not just good exercise, a toe-curly romp between the sheets has more benefits than just working up a good sweat.  Studies show a healthy sexual appetite relieves stress, helps your appearance, and eases pain.  Check out the top 5 unknown benefits to sex:

Sex relieves stress
The release of hormones typically brings on a euphoric feeling, but studies show that feeling lasts long after sex.   A study published in Biological Psychology showed men and women with an active sex life were less stressed out in their daily life than those who weren’t having much sex.

Sex reduces pain
Bet you didn’t know this one: sex can actually decrease pain.  As the hormone oxytocin races through your body mild irritations like headaches can disappear thanks to the powers of sex.

Sex can make you live longer
It’s no lie, studies back this one up.  The British Medical Journal found men who had sex less than once a month were twice as likely to die in the next 10 years.  Another study showed women could add seven to eight years to life if they enjoy their sex life.

A younger look all because of sex
You can shed four to seven years off your face if you’re having regular sex. The Royal Edinburgh Hospital Scotland asked people to take a look at 3,500 pictures of people and guess their age.  They compared that information with how frequently they’re having sex and concluded the physical activity involved in sex tones your muscles and improves your appearance.

Burning calories in the bedroom
You’re not working up a sweat for nothing, you’re burning up to 85 calories during thirty minutes of sex, which can add up if you have a busy sexual calendar.

So go ahead, enjoy a trip to the bedroom.  After all, you’re not just working on your relationship, you’re working on your health too.

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