Hate your Job…Not your Life

Viagra, health, stress, relaxation, sexIt’s easy to get caught in an unpleasant mood when work becomes top priority in your life.  If you are constantly stressed about work, this will overflow into personal relationships as well.  It is vital to take time off from making everyone else happy in order to make yourself happy.

This is easier said than done. We need to quit saying we’re going to make time and just take time out to do something we want to do. The rest of the world can wait. If we run at 100% for everyone else all the time, and never take a break for ourselves, we’ll end up burnt out and in a bad mood. It boosts morale to take a little time out for yourself.

Outdoors Quiet Time

Sit outside and just listen to the sounds around you. I especially like lying in my grass looking at the clouds passing over and just clearing my mind. If you enjoy reading, try reading for 30 minutes after work in the late day sunshine. It’ll relax you from the day’s stressors and free your mind of the 8 hour work day haze.


Go for a brisk walk after dinner each night. This will help relax your body and mind before bedtime. Thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise is required each day to stay fit and healthy. After your walk, do not eat or drink anything before bedtime. This will help you rest and relax without carbs, sugars, and caffeine keeping you awake tossing and turning into the night.

If walking isn’t the exercise you had in mind, try having a vigorous sex session. You can

Viagra, Health, Sex, Exercise, Relaxation

burn just as many calories having sex as you can on your post work walk, if not more. Depending on how frisky you’re feeling popping a Viagra may make this experience even more intense and long lasting. Check with your doctor first to make sure this is a safe occasional choice for you. Not only is sex great exercise, it also relaxes your mind and allows your daily stress to just melt away by focusing on your body and partner’s body. It’s a great break from reality.

Off the Clock

After you have had your dinner, exercised a bit and taken your shower, it’s time to officially clock out for the day. You should put on relaxing clothing, lie down, and read a little or watch your favorite show. Do anything that normally relaxes you and do your best to not worry about the laundry, dishes, or the day that lies ahead of you tomorrow. Just relax and unwind. Once you achieve relaxation and your mind is wandering sleepily to and fro, it’s time to call it a day. If you can fall asleep in a peaceful state, you stand a better chance of remaining that way through the night and into the day tomorrow.

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