Flu Shot? NO THANKS!

influenza, flu, flu vaccination, holistic alternatives, natural remedies It’s flu season again. Hooray. Time to pick a time and place to get your flu shot in the hopes that maybe this year will be the year you don’t call in sick to work for a week, or at least not if you are actually sick.

It seems that cheap flu shots are springing up everywhere, offices are recommending them and even bringing in folks to stick you in the arm for free, drug stores are advertising the days flu shots are available, and its posted all over the doctor’s office. But is it really necessary?

Strengthen Your Immune System

There are many ways you can strengthen your immune system without getting stuck with a needle on your lunch break. It all starts with you and only you can make the effort to get and keep your immune system functioning well. It does not matter if you are stressed, work a lot of hours, and don’t get a lot of chances to eat right or exercise. All of those things are great for you and will greatly promote good health but your immune system operates on a different system. Here are a few examples of how you can boost your immune system and be the last one standing every time your office comes down with the crud.

* Ways to Build Your Immune System the Right Way!*

–          Garlic. Period. Roast it, eat it raw, use it as a sandwich spread, add it to your guacamole, or take a supplement. Roasted garlic is delicious on or in just about everything.

–          Substitute quinoa for rice every time. Quinoa is a super food and will do magic to your body and immune system. It’s as easy to cook as rice, has a better flavor and makes a great lunch course. Add veggies, meat, just about anything and it’s a winner.

–          Sleep. Sleep as much as you can. If late nights are often your thing, try taking a 30flu, herbal remedies, immunity, immune system, vitamins minute power nap during the day. Sleep helps your body rebuild.

–          Take an omega 3 and lysine vitamin daily with breakfast or dinner. Your immunities will feel stronger than ever and bacteria will run from you.

–          When feeling the crud sneaking close, take a zinc vitamin twice a day. Forget all those “immune builder” power drink mixes. Just take zinc.

–          Make sure that no matter what, you drink enough water through out your day. Don’t worry about drinking 8 glasses. Drink as you see fit. Everyone’s body is different. I personally drink 12 to a full gallon daily and feel great.

–          Don’t worry so much. Take a break for at least 30 minutes a day to do whatever you feel like doing. Read a book or watch TV. An even better idea is exercise.

–          Sex. Alone or with your partner. Not only is this a mood booster but it’s a health booster too! Pop a Viagra and get to feeling healthy!

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