FDA Cracks Down on Mislabeled “All-Natural” Sexual Enhancement Supplements RockHard Weekend, Man Up Now and Duro Extend

The FDA recently forced a recall of Rock Hard Weekend "all-natural" herbal supplement. Let’s be honest. It’s easy for a male consumer to look at the price of Viagra these days (about $25 a pill) and begin to feel a little taken advantage of. It seemingly wasn’t long ago when Viagra was about $10 or $15 a pill, and that price was surely a little less painful.

While it’s true that Pfizer has continued to rapidly raise the price of Viagra as its patent nears expiration in March of 2012 (causing the makers of Cialis and Levitra to follow suit), the best advice that can be given (by eDrugstore and the United States Food and Drug Administration alike) is for men not to change their course.

Simply, it would be better to use no pill for erectile dysfunction than it would be to branch out and try “generic” Viagra or so-called “all-natural” herbal supplements that promise “sexual enhancement.”

Why do we give such advice? The two-fold answer is simple…

“All-Natural” Remedies Are Often Falsely Advertised
First, the FDA has forced dozens of manufacturers to place recalls on herbal remedies that were billed as “all-natural,” because they actually contained drugs that did not appear on their labels. In most cases, these herbal sexual enhancement pills contained an analog of Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra.

At face value, this may seem harmless (and perhaps even beneficial). But when a manufacturer mislabels drugs, this means that men may unknowingly ingest ingredients that can cause harmful or fatal reactions to drugs they are already taking. Most notably, if a man takes nitrates such as nitroglycerin, Sildenafil and its derivatives can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, which could cause fainting, stroke or even death.

In December of 2010 alone, the FDA forced three companies to recall either their complete inventories, or certain lots of, “all-natural” herbal supplements that were anything but all-natural. The three recalls were for RockHard Weekend, Man Up Now and Duro Extend. All three supplements were found to have an analog of Sildenafil, and the FDA urges all men to return these mislabeled, illegal products for a refund.

“Generic” Medications Are Often Harmful
It’s easy to find “generic” Viagra online at a fraction of the cost of authentic, FDA-approved Viagra. However, these medications are almost always made in a foreign country (Asia and India most likely) with absolutely no oversight or regulation. The result:  Medications that contain too little or too much active ingredient, and who knows what else.

U.S. consumers have no recourse with these foreign companies after they find out these medications are ineffective, or worse yet, harmful to them.

Man Up Now is among dozens of "all-natural" supplements recalled by the FDA for containing sildenafil/Viagra.Summary
Always tell your local doctor before you begin taking a new medication, even if it is a dietary supplement that may be sold to you as “all-natural.” Also tell your pharmacist about any new drugs you plan to take as well. Doctors and pharmacists are familiar with all types of drug interactions, and they are increasingly aware of the growing risks created by “all-natural” supplements that are not what they say they are.

As mentioned in earlier in this post, it would be better to take no pills for erectile dysfunction than ones that are billed as “all-natural” or sold as “generic” Viagra, which does not exist legally since Viagra (as well as Cialis and Levitra) are still under patent.

If you have questions about “all-natural” supplements, “generic” Viagra or the real, FDA-approved, authentic Viagra sold by eDrugstore, call us at 1-877-484-2472 and ask to speak with our medical staff.

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