Drive-In Movies, Brewery Tours Cool Date Ideas – San Diego, California

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So, you’re racking your mind about where to take that special someone but you’re coming up blank. Sure, you could always go with the standard dinner and movie, but this person is special, and they deserve a special date. Well, luckily you live in San Diego, which is filled to bursting with cool things to do. The only hard part is deciding WHAT cool things you want to do!

Hit the Drive-In: You can’t beat the classics. Sure, sitting in absolute silence in a movie theater is fun, but bring your date to the drive-in for a different movie viewing experience. Talk, laugh, drink, bring a picnic, grill out; it’s all fair game at the drive-in. San Diego features not one, but two drive-ins! So hit either Southbay Drive-In or the Santee Drive-In and enjoy a movie!

Take a Brewery tour: Skip the Budweiser and Miller and drink local! Craft beers are all the rage these days, and San Diego features several local breweries that offer tours. You can check out Ballast Point, which offers up to 27 beers to sample before or after the tour. If you’re a real beer aficionado, take the tour at AleSmith. Held the last Saturday of every month, this hour-long tour will give you an up-close look at how their award-winning beer is prepared. Whichever you pick, make sure to try plenty of beers, and pick up matching glasses as commemoratives!

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